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Time To Nationalize Four Horsemen Of Oil

At 6:20 AM on April 20th, the US Airways flight pierces through the low clouds hugging the Gulf Coast on its way from Orlando to Phoenix.  Fifteen hours and three flights later, I land in Missoula, MT.  There is no food and no time to get food between flights.  I nearly miss my LAX-Salt Lake City flight because in less than an hour I have to go completely outside the airport, get on a bus to Terminal D, run really fast, then check back through security for my now-Delta flights.  Oh the benefits which we have accrued via airline consolidation.  The Continental/United merger should be blocked by the GOVERNMENT using existing anti-trust law. Continue reading

Oil Speculators Run For Cover

OK, maybe (B)ig (P)etroleum lied just a little bit.  Seems that instead of 5,000 barrels/day of crude oil gushing from beneath the Gulf of Mexico seabed, there may in fact be more like 50,000 barrels/day decimating that ecosystem.  Meanwhile, the June contract for West Texas intermediate crude has shed 21% of its value since May 3rd.  What gives? Continue reading

British Petroleum: Colonial Waster

“Drill Baby Drill”, cried the Caribou Barbie.  And her corporate lap dog minions concurred.  Glenn Beck played the fiddle, O’ Reilly on bass and Rush tooted sax between Oxycontin episodes.  Then came the Birthers, the Bigots and all manner of the well-heeled disgruntled.  Former Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX and why not) smelled money and was soon conducting the Tea Party orchestra on behalf of Big Bank, Big Insurance, Big Pharma and, of course, Big Oil. Continue reading

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