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The Kosovo/Albania Golden Triangle

(Excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf…)

According to the Wall Street Journal, human rights investigators in Europe are looking into allegations that members of the US and NATO-backed Kosovo Liberation Army killed Serb prisoners-of-war at secret detention centers in Albania to harvest and sell their organs.  The charge first surfaced in a 2008 book written by former war-crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte.  In a follow-up draft report for the Council of Europe, Swiss prosecutor Dick Marty further claims that Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci has links to organized crime. Continue reading

Illuminati Assassins

     Illuminati mass mind control is predicated on a numbing steady delivery of 6th-grade level non-news to the masses, combined with the occasional 911/Kennedy Assassination fear-inducing shock, designed to cement obedience and allegiance to their resource monopoly.  The elite must constantly manufacture fake bad guys to divert criticism from their hegemonic global banking cartel.  Not coincidentally, the bad guys always possess a resource which the bankers covet.  Western intelligence agencies serve as spearhead in designing and implementing these psyops.  Since oil greases the Illuminati’s City of London money shuffle, the Middle East is naturally home to a plethora of “bad guys”. Continue reading

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