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Republic Broadcasting Radio Interview – 7-26-11 – Hour 1

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One thought on “Republic Broadcasting Radio Interview – 7-26-11 – Hour 1

  1. like your books, absolutely unapologetic. its true, there are no true socialist countries on earth. i liked the ron paul reference. those on the far ‘left’ and those on the far ‘right’ actually have a lot in common. their ideogoly is basically identical. i always hear that the majority of decision making comes from moderate and independent thinking folks, but its nothing more than a weak mob rule. the far right and the far left hold the individuals that will eventually lead the revolution of ideals. change will not come from the middle. the politicial spectrum of ideas is not a line where the left and right are on opposing ends, but its a cirlce, where when you go far enough to the left you end up high on the circle where the far right is too.

    Posted by abe yanko | August 15, 2011, 10:51 am

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