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Four Horsemen on the Ropes

Yesterday Standard & Poors lowered its credit rating on the many of the world’s largest banks. Among those downgraded were the American Four Horsemen (JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America and Wells Fargo), along with Wall Street titans Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

The UK Four Horsemen – Barclays PLC, HSBC Holdings PLC, Lloyds Banking Group PLC and Royal Bank of Scotland – were also downgraded by the credit rating agency.

According to the October 2011 issue of Global Finance, the eight Anglo-American Horsemen – flush with the spoils of the 2008 financial “crisis” – hold a combined $16 trillion in assets. [1] Continue reading

The Eight Families’ Rigged Oil Game

(Excerpted from Chapter 7: The Four Horsemen: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

After World War II – during which Royal Dutch Shell Chairman Sir Henry Deterding loudly supported the Nazis, while Exxon and Texaco collaborated with the Nazi I.G. Farben combine – the Four Horsemen turned their full attention to the Middle East. There the cartel operated under names like Iranian Consortium, Iraqi Petroleum Company and ARAMCO.

With the rise of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) as a producer cartel, the companies devised increasingly sophisticated ways to diminish OPEC’s collective bargaining ability. Continue reading

BNL, P-2 & the Gnomes of Zurich

(excerpted from Chapter 14: Saddam’s Banker in Atlanta: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Banca Nacionale de Lavaro (BNL) had its US offices at the posh Peachtree Center in Atlanta.  From 1983-1989 BNL busied itself financing Saddam Hussein’s arms procurement efforts in tandem with the Iraqi Central Bank and Rafidain Bank of Iraq, which had numbered accounts at Bank of America, Bank of New York, Chase Manhattan and Manufacturers Hanover Trust. BNL’s clearing agent on all transactions was Morgan Guaranty Trust.

When Saddam defaulted on these US government-backed loans, the multinational corporations which benefited from BNL loans were paid in full, while US taxpayers were charged $347 million. [1] Continue reading

Banking on War

(Postscript from Big Oil & Their Bankers)

On 3-19 (sum of numbers equals 13), 2003 at 9:31 (sum of numbers equals 13) PM EST in the 3rd week of the 3rd month of the 3rd year of the new millennium, the Illuminati oil mafia attacked Iraq under the banner of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The assault was conducted by US and British troops, with the Israelis receiving real time intelligence throughout the war.  When Bush appeared on national television to announce the invasion, he appeared before a black flag bearing an eagle clutching 13 arrows – representing the Hapsburg Spear of Destiny.  Spain- whose monarch Prince Phillip is a Hapsburg- joined the “coalition of the willing” for the assault. Continue reading

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