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Newt Gingrich: Lockheed Martin Manchurian Candidate

After agonizing months of Republican bread and circus Presidential debates, the Illuminati have spoken. With Occupy chaos engulfing the streets of America and with a dressed down Uncle Herman and a dressed up Donald Trump in tow, the banksters have thrown their weight squarely behind Lockheed Martin Manchurian candidate Newt Gingrich.

Hat tip to conspiracy researcher Texe Marrs, who several months back declared Gingrich the Illuminati candidate.

Marrs wrote, “To prepare Gingrich for his role as Rothschild front man in 2012, Newt recently “converted” to Catholicism. In February, 2010, some 500 Catholic millionaires, initiates of the Opus Dei affiliate Legatus, met in Dana Point, California to honor Gingrich and former President and Jew-Catholic loyalist George W. Bush. Gingrich was lauded by the group for his conversion and even gave his “Christian testimony” regarding his leaving the Southern Baptist denomination to become a convert to “Holy Mother Church.” His new wife—his third—was on hand.” [1]

But before the Lizard Grinch can steal Christmas by resurrecting fear and catharsis as the modus operandi of American politics, he’ll have some explaining to do.

Never mind the sexual escapades or the Tiffany’s credit card or even the hypocrisy of being in the pay of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – those lighting rods of the fact-challenged right, whose woes began only after they were partially privatized to become bad loan repositories for the Eight Families megabanks.

Never mind that the Grinch was forced out of Congress due to ethics violations.

What Gingrich needs to explain to the 99% is his cozy relationship with the neocons and with the world’s largest defense contractor – Lockheed Martin.

As Kurt Nimmo wrote, “In no sense of the word is Newt Gingrich a “conservative” or even a traditional Republican. He was a fellow at the neocon criminal organizations the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution. During the Bush regime he sat on the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board with fellow neocon Richard Perle and representatives of the death merchants Bechtel, Boeing, TRW, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Booz Allen Hamilton. Rockefeller minion Henry Kissinger was also a member during the Bush years.

He was also a “distinguished” advisor at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, another neocon think tank that is closely linked with the National Endowment for Democracy, an organization that does today what was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA, as one of its founders, Allen Weinstein, admitted in 2000. In short, NED overthrows governments in disfavor by the elite and organizes color revolutions designed to replace democratic elections.

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (an Orwellian name if ever there was one) is a virtual rat hole of neocons including former CIA director James Woolsey, the senator from Israel, Joe Lieberman, Gary Bauer, Frank Gaffney, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Walid Phares, and a scattering of like-minded Democrats such as the gun-grabber Frank Lautenberg and Chuckie Schumer.

Gingrich is reputed to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and to have ties to the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (founded by the late William J. Casey, Reagan’s CIA director who was largely responsible for creating the Afghan Mujihadeen that would later become the CIA asset al-Qaeda).

Newt has also attended Bohemian Grove where he rubbed elbows with occultists and male prostitutes. Newt has said he is not associated with worshipers of the Canaanite owl of Bohemia but he is a demonstrated liar (his photo appears on the pages of the Annals of the Bohemian Club).” [2]

Gingrich spent two decades as Georgia Congressman in the district adjacent to a hulking Lockheed Martin assembly plant. On August 30, 1994 Lockheed merged with the Marietta, GA-based Martin Marietta to form Lockheed Martin. [3] Two years later Lockheed bought another huge defense contractor – Loral Corporation.

From the beginning Gingrich was a lapdog for Lockheed.

As Tim Murphy wrote in a May 2011 article in Mother Jones, “The relationship began early. As a freshman congressman from suburban Atlanta in 1979, Gingrich drafted a letter to President Jimmy Carter, lobbying for the sale of L-100 Hercules jets to Muammar Qaddafi’s Libya. Although Gingrich now says that Qaddafi has been an enemy of the United States since the early 70s, and supported (for a moment, at least) military intervention in North Africa, the congressman’s focus at the time was pure retail politics. Boeing had been allowed to sell three similar planes to the dictator, he told the president; why shouldn’t Lockheed?

For the most part, though, Gingrich’s hawkish foreign policy positions dovetailed nicely with his interest in filling Lockheed’s coffers. He spent much of the 1980s lobbing rhetorical bombs about the existential threat posed by the Soviet Union and supported President Reagan’s escalations in defense spending even though they led to an ever-increasing deficit.

Speakers traditionally avoid serving on any congressional committees, not only because of the undue influence they’d command, but also because of obvious time constraints. Gingrich made an exception when he acquired the gavel in 1995. One of his first orders of business was to appoint himself to the House intelligence committee. He filled the roster with up-and-coming GOPers who knew better than to cross him, and used his influence to ensure that none of Lockheed’s marquee projects were brought down in the budget-slashing crossfire.

As one Lockheed source told Robert Dreyfuss in 1996, Gingrich’s constant cheerleading actually started to wear on the company as the polarizing politician’s reputation soured: “We wanted to downplay any relationship between the speaker and Lockheed.” As Forbes later reported, having such a high-profile, reliable booster in Congress may have been bad the company’s health; it wasn’t until after Gingrich left the House that the company was able to restructure its operations and shore up its finances.

But it was a mutually beneficial relationship, for the most part. Gingrich made sure that Lockheed was in line for its usual fill of hefty defense contracts, and Lockheed made sure Gingrich always had support for his ventures, political and otherwise. The company donated the maximum $10,000 to Gingrich’s campaign in the lead-up to the 1994 Republican Revolution, and, just for good measure, shelled out another $10,000 in seed money for Gingrich’s weekly lecture series on American history, “Renewing American Civilization,” during which the Speaker dutifully talked up the company’s corporate virtues.

Perhaps the most brazen instance of Gingrich’s Lockheed-lobbying came in 1998. The Pentagon requested $59 million to build a C-130J transport plane. But when it passed through Gingrich’s committee, that figure morphed to $503 million—an 850-percent jump. As an Air Force spokesman put it at the time, “We didn’t request them. They just gave them to us.” But at least the C-130Js work. Gingrich was also a leading proponent of the F-22, the perpetual military fighter jet of the future (think Dipping Dots, if Dipping Dots were prone to mechanical malfunction and cost $320 million per serving.)” [4]

In 2010 Lockheed Martin boasted revenue of $45 billion. With the Bush/Neocon wars in Afghanistan and Iraq winding down, their war profits are threatened. They are counting on the Lizard Grinch to resurrect the American war machine.

Conventional progressive wisdom is to welcome a Gingrich nomination, thinking him easier for Obama to defeat than Mitt Romney. I strongly disagree.

Gingrich is the Illuminati chosen one. He’ll raise big money and he’s a clever politician with a mean streak. The only way the 99% people’s revolution can now be stopped is to drastically shift the conversation from the current discussion of Wall Street fat cats and concentrated economic power back to a fear-based narrative likely focused on Iran.

Gingrich is the only Republican candidate that could pull this off.

Advice to President Obama and the progressive media: It’s time to pivot from the Romney attacks and go after the Illuminati Lockheed Martin Lizard Grinch.



[3] Norris, Floyd (August 31, 1994). “A ‘merger of equals,’ with Martin Marietta the most equal”. The New York Times.


Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @

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15 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich: Lockheed Martin Manchurian Candidate

  1. Both Sides of the Aisle66
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    By Arthur F. Temple

    Both Sides of the Aisle

    This poem reviews the methodology of current politics for the last hundred years.

    Symbols over symbols 23.5, found in TV, movies, and video games worldwide. They are not trying to hide because it is an open display to bend your mind to their way.

    Geopolitics mixed with geo-engineering, HAARP and Chemtrails – are these tall tales? No, just a truth that hurts; these theories brought us all to this current sad state – economic slavery.

    The Committee on the Present Danger! They are the true danger along with their polar opposite counterparts. Everyone from Scoop Jackson to Cheney, the hatred is sent from radio waves that flow through barium, brainwashing you with their true intent-Control!- High ELF voltz pleasing their true master, George Pratt Shultz.

    The Venetian philosophy always in full motion with the end game of thermonuclear warfare. Started by Asymmetrical warfare at first with aerial assaults via jets and drones killing mostly woman and children and frying their bones. Hell on earth with no remorse, internal and external removal of power of all puppet regimes with new puppet hosts.

    The continual illusion of freedom for all to see on your TV or phone downloads from the Internet.

    There is no sanity or peace with his or her inverted theories of a brave new world.

    90% depopulation! Don’t believe me? Look at the seeds being saved in Alaska the new arch covenant to tote a modern Noah’s boat, a way to survive their self created catastrophes created by lies of which there are too many to mention. The ones they paid off to make this happen are in a muddle for there is no guarantee they shall enter the underground base tunnels.

    Death for all of us, however eternal life for them, through their sick, twisted methods of these the Oligarchy Transhumanist. Thirteen families, and the evil crown across the pond- Big Oil and Bankers laughing in there suits with a lust for destruction and stealing the IMF’s loot, and let us not forget they stole pensions to boot! No food for your family and all will leave dead, with just a few million to be chipped, bagged and tagged and sent off to serve them blindly. Via methods most unkindly.

    This might seem inevitable and likely and already set – No! Stop them now do not fret; in reality they are deathly afraid of your spirituality.

    So let’s co-create and change our fate, not the way you have been told. Be bold, for nothing is impossible.

    History has always shown that slaves always rise above their masters and all empires too tall are bound to fall. We have seen it time and time again. Those in power will lose that power and together we will prevent the final hour, and leave them behind while we go to the higher realms so their evil cannot penetrate anyone but themselves.

    Posted by Arthur F. Temple | December 6, 2011, 11:42 am
  2. What’s cool about the Newtster is he makes Obama look like Mother Teresa.

    Posted by Gino Bernofsky | December 6, 2011, 2:50 pm
  3. I was right with you until the last sentence of the article (“Advice to President Obama and the progressive media . . .”)
    This seems to indicate that you imagine that either the progressive media (at least the ones not in 9/11 denial) or “Obama” (an illegal alien whose legal name is still Barry Soetoro), the puppet of Zbigniew Bryzynski and the Wall Street/CIA complex, will behave in a manner significantly different from a Gingrich administration (shudder). No Democrat can or will set us on a different course, unless perhaps Dennis Kucinich can beat O’Puppet in the primary.

    Posted by Jay Spencer | December 7, 2011, 3:10 pm
    • Well, as part of the “progressive media”, I not only think so, but know so. As for Obama, did you watch yesterday’s speech in KS, where he invoked Trustbuster Teddy R. at the site of the latter’s “New Nationalism” 1910 speech. I’m not naive. Goldman Sachs is “Barry’s” biggest donor. Still, he (the illegal alien…come on Jay?) IS responding to the political space leftward that Occupy – and hopefully some of us in the “progressive media” are providing him. That’s something neither Bush nor Clinton nor Gingrich nor any other Illuminati stooge simply would not do. FDR was a rich guy too, but RESPONDED to the pressure of the Hoovervilles and the strikes and got us the New Deal – a damn good thing if you ask me…

      Posted by Dean Henderson | December 7, 2011, 3:54 pm
      • I didn’t see the speech; I can’t stand to watch him anymore. When in front of a teleprompter, he sure talks pretty—but if you pay attention to what he’s done, rather than what he’s said, he looks like just another Illuminati stooge to me. I have a sister who still supports him, even after all he’s done (and not done). There’s a real test coming up: Will our nominal president veto the omnibus defense spending bill, into which the Senate inserted a rider that gives our military the powers of martial law against our own citizens, without the nuisance of having to declare it? (See this link:
        Your thoughts about the New Deal are echoed by Webster Tarpley (see, whose books include “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA” and “Obama—The Postmodern Coup.” His weekly podcast usually features a guest spot with attorney Phil Berg, whose website ( documents Phil’s case for our president’s ineligibility for that office, as well as the office of Senator. A story too weird to be true, but the evidence is out there for anyone to examine. I downloaded the document from the White House that purports to be Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth, long form (which is not the same as a birth certificate), and it’s a shockingly-shabby photoshopped forgery (as a PDF). Check it yourself, and enlarge it to see the altered parts which don’t match the rest. PT Barnum was right. Sorry, Obama fans, but you’ve been fooled again.

        Posted by Jay Spencer | December 7, 2011, 4:48 pm
  4. I slightly disagree, in that the Obama administration gives the financial industry everything it wants, the administration is filled with Wall Street/Goldman Sachs leftovers, and no one is being prosecuted for the malevolent malfeasance that led to the 2008 economic meltdown. If he were a Republican, he might actually have gotten more resistance – not that I favor them in any way.
    Anyway, I think the purpose is to make it look more like a race than a foregone conclusion, and if by some incredible stroke of luck Gingrich wins, it’s a win-win for the fractional money power brokers.

    Posted by Mike Barnes | December 8, 2011, 8:00 pm
  5. Dean, i read your column regularly and constantly point people towards your site in large part because of your banking families articles. Listen man we need you to come full circle and realize that Obama has fully endorsed and bankrolled the Libya conflict that has resulted in the brutal murder of innocent people in addition to the banking families funding Obomba= For sure puppet. Right Dean? Additionally you do know of course that regulations are written by the fortune 500 companies in order to destroy competition. Right Dean? I mean right?

    You need to just come on over man, its ok we all love the Constitution and the USA. I was a progressive at one point too. You need to really look at false flag and the fact that Noam Chomsky and Thom Hartmann never mention ending the fed but more “reform”. Dean this whole gov is Illuminati now man, the only reform is jailing the banking families otherwise all government reform and regulations will be written by the money power banking families. Just come to terms with this already please. You are becoming a individual liberty patriot and I think its high time you take the leap.

    Down with the NWO!!

    Posted by Michael Liberty | December 10, 2011, 6:27 pm
    • That’s what makes me different from Chomsky & Hartman, Michael. I realize much of what passes for the American “left” is cowardly and in denial. I criticized Obama over Libya and other things he’s done to aid & abett the banker criminals. The whole left/right thing is tricky, because America has gone through 30 years of free market idolatry. We became SUCH a right-wing country that any semblance of left has been obliterated. Meanwhile the Ron Paul righties have been brave when it comes to 911 & the Fed. Gotta’ respect that. But I’ve worked on too many job sites run by lazy bosses, and been to to many “Third World” countries where there is a serious – even armed – left. What I try to do is find common ground between good people. But there is also a reason I call it “Left” Hook. Chavez, Fidel & Ho Chi Minh are my heroes. Peace man!

      Posted by Dean Henderson | December 10, 2011, 6:46 pm
      • Dean, I believe the gentleman above above are asking a self-described “left leaning fellow” to consider the left-right paradigm as a fallacy that perpetuates vested oligarchies, and that our supposed left messiahs are only working for the same cabal of criminals.

        As a progressive person myself, I understand what you mean if you are implying there is an apriori liberal/conservative polarity in the nature of human group dynamics itself, and if so, that you are on the more tolerant left side.

        However, in my experiences as a person who has lived fully within the epistemologies of liberal, conservative, etc. I have noticed that there are few distinguishing traits that identify one or the other that are not themselves based on knoweldge paradigms. This I-Other distinction will always seek in a human way to orient familiar value systems and rational empiricism to the “I” side of the equation. How many times have we all modified our rock solid convictions when we had information or wisdom that elevated our point of view?

        The danger in all of the dialectics is that they make it all too easy to paint the other as irrational and abherant. Left and right in America is now only a silly orienation to wedge issues. This is why it is confusing when current Republicans are anything but conservative, even compared to conservatives a century ago. Why is warmongering or strong central government or religious zealotry considered conservative?

        Do so called Republicans love imperialism, murder, and racism? As a liberal myself, I have easily fallen into this Jon Stewart-esque simplifying of the picture to black and white images. This is why it is tough for an average liberal college graduate to not understand the wisdom of a Ron Paul for instance. Only now after years of studying the way politics really well do I understand why Ron Paul, or Jefferson before him, hated central government’s character. Yet in the Jon Stewart epistemology, that means Ron Paul must be against government programs, etc.

        The the grave error in our current teaching of politics is that we don’t show reality, only caricatures from vetted textbooks. The horror is how information and knowledge cannot be trusted in and of themselves. Empirical inquiry or science itself can be politicized. Terrifying.

        Posted by James | December 10, 2011, 7:56 pm
      • Good comments James. I actually voted for Ron Paul in 2008, and have been through the massive disillusionment with the Jon Stewart/Amy Goodman cowardly liberals you well know. But only because they are not far enough left. We should nationalize the Fed – something Jefferson argued for – nationalize Big Oil, nationalize mining, food processing and insurance; do massive land reform, things that are REVOLUTIONARY. I say this having run a small business, and being a self-sufficent farmer who has never gotten a cent from the government. A mixed economy is the answer. Norway is a great model. But so many American patriots are only interested in the idolotry of the “free market”, which is code for banker/corporate control. Liberty to exploit others at will is not liberty. It is exploitation. We need to trade in ideology for common sense. America was founded as a mixed economy. Post office, police, national guard, fire dep’t – all SOCIALIST. Deregulate small biz, regulate the shit out of big biz. Not that difficult, but funny how the “no right/left paradigm” people seem to be awfully right wing. REVOLUTION INDEED!

        Posted by Dean Henderson | December 10, 2011, 9:26 pm
  6. Here is a more accurate description:

    The real money is on Romney, with a reactionary Likudist element backing Newt Gingrich. Netanyahu and Rupert Murdoch, and the more deplorable elite that are suffering the woes of 911 truth, OWS, and iinternet activism, are backing Newt. (although even this is a hedge against the perceived instabilities with Obama.)

    Dean is a courageous writer, but suffers from an idealism that we — who worked on Obama’s campaign — have long since abandoned. Sorry Dean, Obama is an extorted asset, and his breach of integrity and damage to our country can be measured as a boolean value. Either you are selling us out or you are not. I hardly think it passes muster to force riots in the street to give Obama left cover. If history were what my teachers taught, I would agree with you. But as you are not — like my high school teachers — briefed on Obama’s real CIA past, his fake social security number, fraudulent passport, connection to Chicago’s syndicate, and suppressed parentage, you are not abke to make accurate forecasts of anything Obama related.

    If Newt is sent to the Republican convention, that is a clear sign that the reigning oligarichal power structures are giving Obama a second term. Newt is not a viable general election candidate and the powers that be are not foolish. Fearing Newt is just what they want the naive progressive media to spend its time on. The real opposition money is on Romney– as can be seen through actual documentation on their donations. Rockefeller, Maurice Greenberg, and a litany of anglo-judeo fascists are backing Romney while the more reactionary elements in Israel are pushing Newt to stem the desperate world awakening to its oppression.

    Newt is dangerous, and is capable of assassinating Ron Paul with mossad assistance. Romney is a figurehead of CFR. Obama is extorted and could act heroically if he played the only card he could to attone for his betrayal of his hope and change rhetoric: he could insulate hinself and his family within a power block of trusted allies, then deliver an unprecedented disclosure of real world history and treason, along with every executive order and executive tool at His disposal. This will not happen, most likely because of nuclear blackmail of our nation. Hence why disclosure and sunshine is the only antidote to a diseased federation of nation states. Call the bluff, suffer the pains. At least we know who to suspect?

    But in the real world where we are the onky hero we can count on, there is another path. The best hope for America is immediate insurrection and non-compliance with federal law, tax payments, and if possible, general strikes and boycotts.

    Finally and mist importantly, none of this is possible without strength in numbers and the consent of the populace, and this means we must all be unified on a disciplined message. Of a concordant understanding of para-politics, enemy and solution. An impossible feat without a true 4th estate of passionate spokesmen for truth in all layers and degrees of the media complex.

    So you see now who we must put under tremendous pressure, and bend to our cause. Whether through vigilante ingenuity or coercion by other means, the megaphone must be secured as it is the only real flag on the battlefield.

    We are all giants, or we are all ants; creatures to fear or ruled by fear. We vary our power and effect in proportion to our will to transcend fear and apathy to assert our seat at the table of a common humanity. Our courage has never been wanting though, but only our knowledge.

    This blog delivers knowledge. It is a point of light in a sea of darkness; and while there are others venues of knowledge comprising a matrix of stars, one could not read by this light alone. The time has come for each patriot, in his own noble fashion and voice, to call forward “we the awakened”, each from our various social divisions or suffering solitudes, to breathe the more rarefied air of liberty that only comes at great price.

    Our words of intrigue must become actions of danger. We must cross a line in the sand where we exchange our idle speculations for our musket and powder. Alone it is a reckless step; together it progress.

    Our descendents call to us across an ocean of time; they desire liberty as a birthright; truth as a religion. Their plea everywhere engulfs us in the music of the spheres. Gaze up and observe that force of divine equilibrium: revolution, revolution, revolution.

    Posted by James | December 10, 2011, 7:26 pm
  7. How can be adopt Catholicism when 2 former wives are alive and he’s living with a third?!!!

    Posted by SQuade | December 12, 2011, 5:33 pm
  8. Dean I am a fan of your writings and even when I don’t agree with something you say, you always force me to think more about everything. After reading the article and the comments, I see that serious thought and expression are alive and well. In these stressful times, that fact provides me with some hope. Anyway, here is my take on the issue.

    While Gingrich is probably a part of the illuminati entourage, we may see that Gingrich is going to be ‘the distraction’ (whether he knows it or not) – the elite know that his character is too flawed to be accepted in the final analysis, but will use him to distract attention from the main game. Obama is still their man in the White House and will win the next election. Why should the elite remove Obama, the good puppet, who has been the biggest con man in modern history – pretending to be a democrat who will extend the hand of peace to foreign leaders, and in the next breath destroys and kills innocents. All for the sake of filling the coffers of the military–industrial complex. Actions speak louder than words, Obama’s actions have been very loud and clear. The plans of the trillionaire/billionaire industrialists and bankers have been in place for a very long time, their global infrastructure has enabled them to always be one step ahead of their opposition. Some may claim that Obama couldn’t be their puppet because of his stated intentions to get more taxes from the rich to help the poor, but this is nothing more than Obama rhetoric to keep Democrats calm. The elite have always felt comfortable in the knowledge that his rhetoric is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. They are the puppeteers after all – they are the script writers.

    Posted by agraulis | December 13, 2011, 9:47 am
  9. Newtered GainedRich is not the man to watch, he’s part of the side show! Follow what’s happening with Ron Paul, he’s the MAN prepared just for this moment. He’s the CHOSEN ONE!

    Posted by dannrivera | December 26, 2011, 5:30 pm


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