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Illuminati Dodge Ball

(Excerpted from Chapter 5: Food, Clothing & Bills: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

The system is constantly conjuring up ways to nickel and dime you. Americans have become incredibly naïve, far too trusting of a system which proves over and over on a daily basis that it most definitely cannot be trusted.

Conversely we have become far too cynical of the people, who do heroic things every day. We must reverse this dichotomy. Trust the people, do NOT trust the matrix.

Be generous to friends, family, the people and the natural world, but learn to be stingy in your dealings with the system. This is another one of those dogmas which must be examined. Continue reading

Sandinistas vs. Monsanto

(Excerpted from The Grateful Unrich…Chapter 2: Sandinistas)

It is better to see something one time than to hear it one hundred times - Japanese proverb

Miraflores Cooperative, Nicaragua – August 3, 1986

We arrive in the box of a dump truck to a lush, fertile area near the Honduran border. We are guests in the Sandino section of this potato cooperative, which was decimated by a contra attack on May 20th. The CIA-backed terrorists came in the night- burning homes, cutting babies from pregnant women, castrating and skinning men alive. They tacked the head of a respected village leader to a post at the cooperative entrance and blew up a warehouse full of seed potatoes which had just been harvested. Continue reading

Persian Gulf Rent-a-Sheik

(Excerpted from Chapter Five: Persian Gulf Rent-a-Sheik: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Recent destabilization campaigns against the Qaddafi government in Libya and now targeted at the Assad government in Syria, have been spearheaded by Persian Gulf monarchies whose interests have always been more aligned with those of Western bankers and multinationals than with the aspirations of the Arab people.

The elite single families who rule the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Oman – are heavily invested in Western economies.  High volume crude oil production keeps this investment capital flowing to Wall Street while allowing the GCC elites to live opulent lifestyles. Continue reading

Romney the 1% Job-Destroyer

With Mitt Romney firmly in the jaws of the leg-hold trap, the proverbial cat can be let out of the bag. Romney was always the perfect sucker.

Some things never change.

The Republican establishment again picked the wrong horse.

And again, liberal political strategists, who claimed Santorum or Gingrich or even – dare we speak his Federal Reserve-nationalizing name – Ron Paul, would be easier to beat than old 1% Mitt, were dead wrong.

Oh no, that squirming outsourcing Cayman Islands job destroyer is just the prey we were looking for to wander into this well-placed trap where he can: (1 serve as Obama punching bag and (2 galvanize the message of the Occupy movement. Continue reading

The Illumination Merchants

(Excerpted from Big Oil & Their Bankers…Chapter 7: Four Horsemen)

By the late 1800’s John D. Rockefeller had become popularly known as “the Illumination Merchant”, during a time when oil was powering the reading lamps of every American household. [1]

Rockefeller’s nickname also alluded to his membership in a grand secret society of global elites known as the Illuminati.  Rockefeller had figured out that it was the refining of oil into various end products and not actual crude production which held the key to control of the industry. Continue reading

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