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1-31-13 Interview on Far Out Radio: Listen Live @ 6:00 PM CST or Catch it Later…

Mali, Hagel & the Rothschilds

Around the World Trip 2009 320Yesterday, as if to send a message to the US Senate Armed Services Committee, Israel bombed a convoy on the Syria/Lebanon border. It seems to have worked. This morning, chicken hawks on that committee with names like McCain and Inhofe are busy grilling Obama Defense Secretary Nominee Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) as to his unflagging allegiance to mother Israel and the military-industrial complex alike.

Meanwhile, the Rothschild-led City of London Illuminati banksters who run the dog and pony show otherwise known as Israel, seek to grab more global resources – this time in the north African country of Mali.

On February Tuareg rebels based in northern Mali, with help from al Qaeda remnants trained and armed by Rothschild intelligence agencies MI6 and Mossad to overthrow the neighboring Qaddafi government in Libya, attacked government troops in the Algerian border town of Tinzaouaten. Continue reading

Big Rigs Of The Illuminati

2010 6-30 Missoula, MT (2)In 2010 as BP was beating a hasty retreat from its Gulf cleanup efforts, Exxon Mobil was busy dodging Montana opponents of its scheme to haul hugely-oversized South Korean-made equipment over the very twisty Lolo Pass.  Officials from Exxon Mobil’s Canadian subsidiary Imperial Oil, aware of a loud and growing opposition, failed to show up at a Lolo City Council meeting.

The rigs were bound for oil tar sands mines in northern Alberta, where Peace River tribes are already being poisoned by this most environmentally destructive oil extraction process.  Montana - ever a resource colony of the Eastern Establishment - was offered $86 million in highway funds by Imperial.  That wouldn’t even have covered the cost of the asphalt needed to fix the roads on the heels of these passing monstrosities - asphalt which I assume would be purchased from another Exxon Mobil subsidiary if history is any sort of guide. Continue reading

Illuminati Terror Alerts Fall On Deaf Ears

1989 Phillipines (12)Last year’s terror alerts in Europe must be seen through the prism of a series of recent challenges to international banker hegemony.  First, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad infuriated the Establishment when he stated before the United Nations that 911 was an inside job.  The night before, he had embarrassed CNN talk show host Larry King, who predictably attempted to portray Ahmadinejad as a crazy.  The Iranian leader turned the tables on the staunch Zionist King, wondering out loud why he seemed more concerned about Israel’s national security than he was about American interests.

Ever since White House environmental advisor Van Jones was forced to resign in September 2009 over comments he made regarding his suspicions of the 911 “official story”, 911 Truth activists have been targeted, intimidated and harassed.  Now with the whole world watching, the ugly 911 truth genie was back out of the bottle.  There was even word that a US military intelligence group had joined the 911 Truth quest. Continue reading

January 25th Interview with Jeff Rense- The Elite Take Full Control

Occupy the Fed!

Despite the current establishment thesis that the Occupy Movement had no staying power and was just a flash in the proverbial monopoly capitalist pan, Occupy is the best thing to happen to this country since the IWW. For decades, what passed for an American “left” remained mired in bouts of single-issue turf wars wrapped in phony political correctness.

The leaderless Occupy has obliterated the hierarchical power pyramid which progressives had merely copied from the monopoly capitalist society they were surrounded by. Real change can never occur when such fear-based models prevail.

Most significant is that Occupy has changed the national conversation, reclaiming our much abused language and vocabulary from a three-decade onslaught of Orwellian doublespeak brought to you by corporate America and their sycophant media subsidiaries. Continue reading

Press TV: The Money Trail: Saudi Arabia, Big Oil & US Foreign Policy: Part II

Illuminati Gun Grab & the Superpower Complex

B42 Wood collectors in rubber groveToday the Obama Administration announced a series of gun control measures in response to the Sandy Hook school massacre. The proposals – the creepiest of which requires background checks on even private gun sales – come on the heels of weeks of patronizing lemming-like hand-wringing by the MSNBC establishment liberal arm of the Illuminati programming machine.

The December 14, 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT which left 26 dead bore all the hallmarks of a Satanic Illuminati horror-fest designed as a pretext for accomplishing the Eight Families’ longtime goal of disarming pesky American revolutionaries in preparation of the imposition of world government by lizard bloodline.

It was a Merry Christmas card from the same Zionist filth that killed Jesus. Continue reading

Press TV: The Money Trail: Saudi Arabia, Big Oil & US Foreign Policy: Part I

January 14th Interview on American Freedom Radio

January 10th Interview on Far Out Radio

January 4th Interview with Jeff Rense

Revolutionary Road

scan0125(Excerpted from Chapter 1: Flatlands: The Grateful Unrich…)

The more we understand that the problem is unjust structures rather than individuals who can be held personally responsible, the easier it is to forgive the individual and hate the system.  Individuals are only vaguely aware at all, of what they are doing – like children playing with matches. - Albert Nolan

I am by birth a flatlander- one of those quiet church-reared types- bound to Calvin’s work ethic and the dirt that taught me never to complain.  Those things never change. South Dakota’s harshness breeds self-restraint, self-sufficiency and self-deprecation. Unintended brutality seems as normal as the rising of the sun each cold winter morning.  I grew up showing cattle, became a star middle linebacker, a decent trombone player and an unwilling Homecoming King.  The trip to the barber was mandatory and always on schedule. Continue reading

How to Starve the Illuminati Beast

2012 8-6 On the Farm (9) Pigs(Excerpted from Chapter 6: Mercenary Shopping: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

Shopping for frivolous and unnecessary items consumes way too much of most people’s time and budget, while chaining the new owner of this junk to a cluttered garage, a storage unit and general sedentary misery.

Still there are certain tools and entertainments we wish to procure and there are many good ways to get them other than at a store.

Again it is all about attitude. You must develop a resistance to shopping. It should be viewed as morally reprehensible. When you need to attain an item, do your research and find out where to get it at the best price, preferably – except, I would argue, in the case of electronics – used. Remember, the system has declared war on your family. Don’t shop much. And fight like a mercenary of the revolutionary army when you must shop. Continue reading

Interview on Press TV

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