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Henderson & Press TV: The Money Trail: The Rockefellers & Trilateral Commission

Dean Henderson - Press TV - Money Trail

Henderson & Press TV: The Money Trail: The Rockefellers & Trilateral Commission

The Evisceration of Yugoslavia: Part IV: The Kosovo/Albania Golden Triangle

A22 Phnom Phen street vendors(Part four of a five-part series excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

In 1996 the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) began training the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). The Bundesnachrichtendienst had been launched in 1956 to succeed the Nazi Gehlen organization.  The idea of a Greater Albania was a vision of the Nazis during their WWII occupation of Yugoslavia.  That vision was now shared by NATO.  BND was headed by Hasjorg Geiger, who set up a huge BND regional station in Tirana, Albania in 1995. Continue reading

The Evisceration of Yugoslavia: Part III: CIA Islamists, Halliburton & Fake Massacres

000 009(Part three of a five-part series excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Al Qaeda to the Rescue

Even as President Clinton was hailing an outbreak of peace in the region, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Shalikashvili- now a director at Carlyle Group- was meeting with Croat military commanders in Zaghreb to coordinate the deployment of 25,000 US troops to back the breakaway armies in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Continue reading

2-22-13 Interview with Jeff Rense

Ruining a River

2010 8-3 Missoula, MT (7)Material possessions are a positive hindrance to the elevation of mankind - Henry David Thoreau

(This article first appeared in Multinational Monitor and is part of Chapter 3: Chiapas via Alaska: The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries)

A century of mining and decades of clear-cutting have taken their toll on Western Montana’s formerly pristine Blackfoot River. Once a world-class trout stream and the subject of Norman McLean’s classic novel A River Runs Through It, the river has been transformed into a muddy concoction of heavy metals and silt flowing west from the Continental Divide into the Clark Fork River just east of Missoula, Montana.

There are virtually no fish in the river now. The Blackfoot drainage has been so badly denuded by Wall Street robber barons that when Robert Redford came to Montana to produce the recent movie based on McLean’s novel, he chose to film on the Gallatin River instead. In April 1992 American Rivers listed the Blackfoot among the ten most endangered rivers in the United States, noting that the river may not be able to withstand another industry onslaught. It now appears this day of reckoning is just around the bend. Continue reading

BNSF: On the Wrong Track

A61 Train to Denang(This article first appeared in Multinational Monitor in 1992 and also appears in Chapter 12: Zootown: The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries. The article remains timely though Burlington Northern has gotten yet more powerful, swallowing up Sante Fe RR to become BNSF – the largest railroad corporation in the US)

Burlington Northern (BN) gave pink slips to 190 out of 250 workers at its locomotive repair shop in Havre, Montana. Eight percent of the locomotive repair workers at BN’s Glendive, Montana shop were also given notice. Similar job cuts occurred at BN facilities in Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois and Washington – saving the company about $9 million a year. The cuts were made in the wake of General Electric’s production of new high-technology locomotives that are able to traverse the entire High Line between Chicago and Seattle without any en route servicing. Continue reading

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The Evisceration of Yugoslavia: Part II: Nazis, Bilderbergers & Clinton Liars

B94 Jill on beach at The Glen orig edit(Part two of a five-part series excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)


The CIA-fed US media never once examined the shameful historical parallels to their demonization of the Serb people.  Nearly a half a century earlier Adolf Hitler used the exact same tactics to justify his genocide against Serbs.  In 1939 Hitler’s Nazis invaded Yugoslavia.  He called the Serbs untermenschen, which means “less than human”.  Meanwhile the aristocratic families of Yugoslavia, largely Muslims who gained power during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, banded together with the largely Croat business class, to form the pro-Hitler Utashe, which committed horrific acts of genocide against the working class Serb majority. Continue reading

The Evisceration of Yugoslavia: Part I: BNL, Yugo & Eagleburger

B80 Termit mound, near Kakadu.(Part one of a five-part series excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

It was no coincidence that Yugoslavia was Banca Nacionale de Lavoro’s (BNL) second largest customer after Iraq.  Both countries call their currency the dinar and both would, after rebuffing the global “privatization” crowd, see those currencies severely devalued.  Yugoslavia, like Iraq, has a long history of defying outside interference in its affairs.  Its economy, like Iraq’s, has tilted toward socialism ever since Marshall Tito routed the Nazi Utashe during WWII. Continue reading

Global Underdevelopment: Montana and the Third World

 000059The International Capitalist Economy

Development decisions, whether made by public administrators in Montana or in the Third World are presently made within the parameters allowed for by the international capitalist economy.  The structure of this economy allows for absentee land owners, transnational processors and their creditors to exploit resources and labor on a global scale.  Local people who produce actual wealth with their labor are forced into price competition with workers half way around the globe and are left in poverty by those who control the means of production, processing and marketing of the goods they produce.

Continue reading

Poverty and Deforestation: Consequences of Export-led Development: A Philippines Case Study

1989 Phillipines (16) Poverty is the biggest drain on our natural resources.  You cannot separate sustainable development from social equity – Maximo Kalaw, President of the Haribon foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources in the Philippines

Intertwined with the social crisis is a crisis that has emerged directly from man’s exploitation of the planet – Murray Bookchin, The Concept of Social Ecology

The Philippines ranks 14th in terms of world food production, with just a fraction of the global population living on its soils.  Yet, according to conservative World Bank statistics, 75% of its children are malnourished and 65% of all Filipinos live below the poverty line, 30 million of whom live in “absolute poverty”, not even able to satisfy basic needs. Continue reading

Fascist Sellouts

2010 7-27 Missoula, MTFive weeks before the welcome end of the worst American Presidency in the history of the republic, el jeffe Bush did his best to go down as the Herbert Hoover of the new century, announcing with glee his traitorous plan to allow an “orderly bankruptcy” of the Big 3 American auto manufacturers - companies which formed the backbone of American industry since the early 1900′s.

Simultaneous to this Crown-inspired treason, Southern Senate Republicans - well-paid by the foreign auto-makers who have flocked to their retrograde states to avoid paying union wages - concurred.  These are the very same people who parade around Washington playing “super patriot” when it comes to bombing civilian populations and feeding the military-industrial complex.  But a ribbon on the bumper of your SUV doesn’t do shit for our misplaced troops, one of whom is my best friend whose convoy was attacked near Ramadi two years ago. Continue reading

2-13-13 Interview on Press TV

Deconstructing the War on Terror

Around the World Trip 2009 108The success of the Obama Administration in bringing about meaningful change to America hinges on a total rebuke of the phony but much touted War on Terror, along with the entire Homeland Security gestapo that came along with it.  The War on Terror was concocted by the Bush Mafia to justify the oil occupation of Iraq, the gas pipeline occupation of Afghanistan, and the shredding of our Constitution.

Unless one is willing to debunk the War on Terror there can be no exit from the fear-based reactionary politics that have decimated our Bill of Rights, bankrupted our Treasury through the buildup of Homeland Security apparatus, and pulled us into anti-democratic occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Continue reading

2-7-13 Interview on Press TV

New Deal for Illuminati Banksters

2002 - 6 - Eleven Point RiverWith economic indicators heading south again, President Obama should be thinking big and using his momentum to “flood the zone” during his State of the Union address tonight.  He should outline a New Deal-type stimulus package that will help the US economy out of the doldrums and he should get tough on the banksters that put us here.

The real issue underlying the 2008 economic collapse has yet to be dealt with.  Until banks began acting like banks and lend money again, instead of gambling QE1-3 at the commodities bubble casino, the economy will be unable to count on the private sector to pull it out of its downward spiral.  We need a massive New Deal to both provide work for people and to modernize out ailing infrastructure. Continue reading

Dump Israel

Around the World Trip 2009 437The most important change that the Obama administration can make is in our relationship with Israel and its Arab neighbors.  I am guardedly optimistic that the Chuck Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense foreshadows such a change.

For far too long Israel has dictated US foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere.  This is because, as I outline in my book Big Oil & Their Bankers…, Israel is not so much a “Jewish homeland” as it is a creation of the Rothschild central banking monopoly which controls our Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, Royal Dutch Shell and scores of other financial and industrial behemoths. Continue reading

FCC Should Revoke Licenses of FOX & CNN

00001 7One of the great things about traveling overseas is that you don’t tend to watch much television.  Fine by me.  I think if every American tossed their tube there would be a revolution inside of a week.  It has long been the primary tool of the global elite in the brainwashing of the masses.

When we do have a room with a TV while travelling we are always struck by the varying quality of the international news channels.  In Thailand we got Le Monde out of France, the British BBC, DW from Germany, China’s CCTV, Al Jazeera from Qatar, NHK out of Japan, as well as news channels from South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia and the US. Continue reading

Economic Bubbles About to Burst

1989 Phillipines (23)Insider stock selling by billionaires – including Warren Buffett and John Paulsen – this week indicate something big is about to happen, something that may make the 2008 credit crisis seem rather benign.  Last week the governments of Russia and Germany called in their gold being “held” by the New York Federal Reserve.

A couple of years ago the IMF announced that it would begin liquidating its gold holdings- the world’s 3rd largest stash after the US and Germany.  Buyers included the governments of India, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.  Do you think the IMF would be selling gold at a market bottom?  Bubble #1 about to burst – Gold. Continue reading

Back to the Country: Part II

2008-5 (8)(Excerpted from Chapter 15: Back to the Land: The Grateful Unrich…)

In April I buy a culvert and hire a backhoe to put in another driveway off the highway. We buy a metal frame building kit from our crazy neighbor Fred and put it up near the road.

We drive to Tahlequah, Oklahoma where Jill drops me off. I have $1,000 in my pocket, most of what we have to our name. I hitch a ride with a trucker all the way to the Mexican border, then catch consecutive buses all the way to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I spend $400 on Guatemalan textiles, spend one night in a hotel, and head back north via Palenque, Mexico where I spend another $400 on Yucatan hammocks. Without sleeping I catch the next bus for the US border. Continue reading

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