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000041(excerpted from Chapter 7: Trekking with God: The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries)

As a butterfly lost in a flower. As a bird settled in a tree. As a child fondling mother’s breast. For 67 years of this world I have played with God - Sasaki Roshi

In search of a hotel, I wander down a side street and notice a sign that says “Tibetan Guest House”. I walk up a narrow staircase and a pudgy 14-year-old girl comes to the door. Her pleasant demeanor captures my imagination. She and her six brothers and sisters are huddled around a television watching Bill Cosby. I take a room.

The girl brings me a huge bowl of vegetables and noodles with chopsticks, followed by the best coffee I’ve had in India. Her little brother climbs up on a chair, grabs of pack of Four Square cigarettes from atop the refrigerator and offers me one. Their mother brings me a soda. Their father walks in with fluorescent bulbs for the whole house, as if my arrival has brought them spirited rejuvenation. The kids surround him and wait for their turn at a hug. Some are content with a pat on the head. These are people who know intimately the secrets to happiness. I need to stay awhile.

I wonder if praise is not one of our biggest mistakes. When an Ituri Pygmy hunter comes home from having killed a springbuck, he gets no praise from his fellow tribesmen and is the last to receive his portion of meat. Out of this silence the hunter learns humility. He learns that his fate and that of his tribe are one. Praise for his efforts would only create a schism of the whole and fill the hunter with arrogance. In America, when one praises a friend exceedingly, that friend often begins to mistreat his or her admirer. To praise someone is to put them on a pedestal – separate from the masses of un-praised others. It is a product of dualistic thinking athe root of scores of flawed Western philosophical underpinnings.

This conundrum may explain why I always feel that I need to leave America where I treat everyone as if they are intrinsically good. Westerners, trained in dualistic thinking, take this as weakness on my part. They see my kindness as a green light to take, to gain some emotional advantage. I do not find such a dilemma in India or for that matter any other Third World nations I have visited. Here kindness is greeted by reciprocation.

I guess Reagan and his supply-siders are right in one sense about their trickle-down theories. An evil government imparts its paranoid set of values to its citizenry, whose collective denial of a bloody colonial history only reinforces the “taker” mindset. To stop and question the rules of this rigged game would be to risk losing one’s television or VCR or, God forbid, one’s cherished automobile. Westerners live in a state of guilt, shame and fear – knowing in their guts, but never acknowledging, the trail of tears they have left in their wake. Their penance is their work, their half-hearted daily grind, their boring monotonous meaningless assignment from the cruel Great White teacher. Their weekends are spent indulging in a swirl of contradictions that, by gosh, they deserve after spending all week doing penance. They break out their speedboats, gorge at fine restaurants, guzzle copious amounts of alcohol and throw their hard-earned money back into the whirling cogs of the system. They do not deserve freedom. They must repent. They are the system.

No one’s heart is sad at birth. No one is filled with gloom when their tiny eyes first awaken to the world outside their mother’s womb. No amount of phony social Darwinist propaganda can make it so. Charles Darwin, whose “survival of the fittest” terminology is often invoked by wealthy fat Republicans as justification for their callous journey through this life, actually argued that the most important key to human and animal survival was “cooperation within species”. The entire debate over whether man is naturally good or evil is itself a dualistic windstorm that could only take place within the simplistic minds of the colonial West.

Surely man has the ability to do both good and evil. He must choose which path to embark upon – one of fear and greed, or one of love and compassion. Yet his circumstances greatly influence the nature of his soul. His environment plays a much greater role than his DNA. Most pit bulls are socialized to be family protectors or worse – stone cold killers. But some pit bulls are not instructed so, and are as gentle as lambs. A grizzly bear in Kodiak, Alaska – well-fed on salmon and unused to human interaction – is much less likely to maul a person than one in Yellowstone National Park, where his habitat is a tiny island of government protection and where ignorant humans are constantly pestering him for photographs.

While the Aryans have a lock on colonization, there were rapists among the Zulu and murderers among the Lakota. These bad apples likely were impacted by negative events in their childhood and the like. But Aryan history books exaggerate these anomalies in an attempt to justify colonial endeavors. Tribal peoples treated their offenders much more compassionately. Wrongdoers in tribal cultures were shunned and sent away for a period of time. Wrongdoers in colonial cultures are executed, upsetting the cosmic balance and reinforcing the dualistic thinking that alienates industrialized man from both earth and other cultures. We can kill criminals because we believe in the dualism that they are the bad people and we the good. The fact that tribal cultures did not kill their criminals speaks volumes to their humility, to their lack of dualism-driven fear and to their earth-inspired wisdom. By all accounts the shunning of offenders worked. Recidivism among Lakota offenders was virtually non-existent. The person knew he did wrong, but he also discovered that his life was too valuable to be taken. Thus, the value of all life was reinforced in both his mind and in the collective mind of the culture.

Modern-day prisoners in South Africa, Israel, the US or China – all subject to death at the whim of their governments – hold no such respect for human life. Nor do the people who live in those countries. The nature of human existence holds no relevance in arguments for or against the death penalty. Nor does it matter in any discussion of social policy. Our decision is one of which path we shall take from right here and now. Will we choose a path of darkness and nihilism, or will we choose one that restores balance and harmony to earth and its inhabitants? When we feel good about who we are we do good things. Happiness and justice are two results of harmony – one and the same thing.

McLeod Ganje sits above Dharamsala, which is perched at 6,400’ above sea level. McLeod is a refuge for Tibetans who fled their homes following the 1949 Chinese Revolution. Their spiritual leader the Dalai Lama led them to this new mountain home, also a refuge for travelers to India who grow weary of the hot crowded hassle-ridden lowlands. Here there is much compassion and deafening silence, echoing cheerfully off snow-capped peaks.

Today the 14th Dalai Lama speaks at a three-day celebration of Tibetan culture. His presence is gentle power to an open heart. His message is compassion, which is the central tenet of Tibetan Buddhism. This ideal emerged from the philosophies of Ghautama Buddha, who centuries earlier in northern India, recognized that of all the values revered in his native Hinduism, compassion was the only one that really mattered. The Dalai Lama does not blame the invasion by Chairman Mao’s Red Army for his people’s tribulations. He attributes the act to the karma of the Tibetan people themselves. He discourages divisive language of any kind since it creates a reality where dualistic thought becomes the paradigm. Without duality there can be no enemies. He encourages compassionate living as the path to good karma and nirvana. To en-courage is to be courageous. To dis-courage is cowardice.

This tiny village is living peace – heaven on earth. I have not seen a happier, more content or more compassionate people. I feel it in the simple gourmet food, in the sparse spotless hotel rooms that you pay for when you leave, in the suddenly smiling Westerners taken aback by the joy of the place, and in the Himalayan foothills that surround the village and remind me of my smallness – peaks now shrouded in gray-white billowy clouds through which even more remote villages come into view. This evening the sound of Tibetan gongs mingles with the chattering of rhesus monkeys and macaques playing in the surrounding forest. The few cars here carry Indian tourists back down the mountain, leaving in their wake a silence so profound that I feel every dry swallow and breath of air. The sun lays itself to rest over the Changra Valley and the gentle hand of the Buddha blankets McLeod Ganje in starry darkness.

After my usual breakfast of lemon curd cake and mint tea at the Toepa Restaurant, I begin my ascent towards the Tibetan children’s village, where a festival is in its second day. I pass dancing monks in outrageous costumes and a monastery where young monks debate with the fire of Fidel Castro. I can’t stop walking. Soon I arrive at Dal Lake. I turn left on a road heading up into the Daula Dar range. I pass through the village of Niddi, where Gadi nomadic herder girls tend their sheep and goats. At the next village of Talanu the pavement ends. I take a narrow winding dirt path around the side of a majestic mountain and suddenly, I am struck with awe.

Perched high on a ridge jutting out amidst a panorama of Himalayan peaks sits Nande Ashram. I walk to the door and am greeted with a gentle smile. The man does not say a word, but motions me inside. He leads me to a bare room, closing the door behind him as he leaves. I sit in lotus position and meditate for many hours, focusing on the in and out motions of my diaphragm muscle – focusing on my breathing, emptying my mind. I emerge into the fresh mountain air a new person. I have escaped the torture of my own mind. I notice everything. I have empathy and love for everyone. I cannot wipe the smile off my face. I pass a young Gadi girl herding goats as I begin my walk down the trail. She is glowing in her bright purple dress and headscarf. She is God.

I float back to the dancing monks feeling myself a tiny but important part of a collective streaming consciousness. Surrounded by Tibetan children, I take a seat at the festivities towards the back of the crowd where I can observe the entire scene – the dancing monks, the exuberant crowd, the sun on the meadow. Westerners snap photos, bored children fidget, and mothers serve their families tea from air pots sitting on blankets on the cool grass. The colorful monks move in slow motion to the deliberate rhythms of a small drum corps, occasionally twirling suddenly as if disturbed from their slumber.

Tonight I go to Bhagsu School, site of an all-night party. I am greeted at the door with a glass of Tibetan beer. Before I am finished, I have another full glass in my hand, then another. There is no talk of money. Only more smiles and more rice beer. Three hours later I stumble down the hill. In the moonlight I notice a woman. Soon we are laughing uncontrollably and smoking hash. She is a gem-smuggler from the Netherlands. I zigzag my way back to the Tibetan Guest House for one last night’s sleep in heaven.

A man on a scooter picks me up in the morning chill just outside Dharamsala. He agrees to take me to his hometown of Kanga. We stop for a warm-up and tea. He is an Indian lawyer, a well-educated public defender. He launches into a political diatribe denouncing CIA involvement in the Punjab drugs for guns trade that fuels the war in Kashmir just north of here. He says the CIA pushes brown sugar (unrefined heroin) on India’s youth in an attempt to shut down their minds, while providing arms to separatists in an attempt to partition India. He says that India’s leadership in the Non-Aligned Movement is what makes his socialist country a target of the US.

I wait at the bus station in Kanga, fending off Indian youth and their predictable inquiries regarding American women and war movies. The bus to Dehra Dun leaves at 10:00 PM. I will go to Rishikesh, where John Lennon and George Harrison spent time meditating on the meaning of life. The Garwhal Mountains beckon. I pass time reading J. Khrishnamurti, who proclaims that it is at the very moment when one sees oneself as separate from the other – from the whole – that corruption begins.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @

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16 thoughts on “Dharamsala

  1. totally awesome Dean…well written (and your mind is following the same paths that my mind follows)…ty ty ty

    btw…there’s a dharma teacher here in Taos, NM who’s teaching on the non dual mind…she’s on FB…Jeannie Zandi, living as love…

    Posted by Mary Green | March 13, 2013, 1:55 am
    • One needs to keep in mind that the Dalai LLama condoned both of w. Bushs’ Fake war on terror.” No compassion there. This was his way of expressing his gratitude for having been whisked out of Tibet by CIA choppers when the chinese invaded his fiefdom.

      Posted by arjuna | March 13, 2013, 5:45 pm
      • But it sounds like the ordinary people are charming and innocent and makes me want to go there.

        Posted by arjuna | March 13, 2013, 5:47 pm
      • Don’t know about choppers, but I do know that the CIA’s infamous Anthony “Tony Po” Poshepny claimed he personally escorted the Dalai Lama out of Tibet on foot. Two years later, Poshepny was assigned to Laos to help oversee the Agency’s opium/heroin trafficking in the Golden Triangle until 1970 (my father, a senior Green Beret commander of the Agency’s Special Operations Group in ’68-’69, knew Poshepny). And it is true that an older brother of His Holiness was recruited by Criminals In Action around 1955. But over the decades since then, the Criminals have been more than happy, I think, to continue to (mis)use His Holiness for their own propaganda purposes–I don’t think he really approves “GWOT” at all. On the contrary, he knows “GWOT” is the war at the end of the Kali Yuga, foretold in the Kalachakra prophecy. Rabbinical and “evangelical” prophecy calls it the war of Gog-Magog. So take a look at the name of the new Pope: BerGOGlio. Nomen est omen, the Romans believed.

        Posted by sonofsog | March 13, 2013, 6:46 pm
  2. Hey Dan
    Was about to invite you up here to Eagle’s Nest (above McLeod, Above Bhagsu, Above Dharamkot, above Gallu to our little bubble of Paradise at the edge of the Himalayas…(see us at hoteleaglesnest(dot)com ) But then upon checking your author and title reference, this is an excerpt of a larger piece and most likely a long gone event of past history….Cheers! If you’re ever in the area again, stop in for a chai…Cheers
    John C.

    Posted by John C. | March 13, 2013, 5:53 am
  3. It’s sad that you have to leave America to find out in another country what it says so clearly in the Bible. The Bible is all about servanthood, humility, not being proud or highly esteemed, and above all, having the heart of a servant, just like Jesus Christ.

    Posted by Jack Nelson | March 13, 2013, 8:33 am
    • Perhaps we should believe the legend that Yeshu the Essene Buddhist Nazirite (wandering, long-haired yogi) spent 18 years in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Ladakh and India; it certainly explains why He was later put to death. I learned this legend as a Peace Corps volunteer in Afghanistan, where the Pathans firmly believe they are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel, beginning around 700 B.C. They’re right, of course, meaning that we are in the last days of the Kali Yuga, the End of the the Age. Christ never spoke of the “end of the world.” Drop me a line, Dean, I’ll tell you about my conversations with H.H. the Dalai Lama; after leaving Afghanistan in November 1974 (I was in Bamiyan), I went to Dharamsala, an incarnation of the Kingdom of Heaven as you yorself experienced.

      Posted by Louis Jarvis | March 13, 2013, 12:12 pm
  4. Western humanity claims to be Christian, and they have been told by Christ (New Testament) to obey just two simple rules: seek the Infinite Creator in each and every moment; and treat others as you would treat yourself. The Buddhist equivalent is Zen and Karma. If even one half of the 80% of US citizens, who claim to be Christian, tried to obey these two rules, there would absolutely be no chance of the US being an evil empire.

    The people of the Western nations, particularly the US, embrace Christianity as a palliative for their guilty minds and a shield of moral superiority to their victims. In reality, Christianity is a middle eastern conception, and Europe was a pantheist continent, before the Romans forced the vile pill of modern Christianity down their throats. White people used to worship the Sun and Earth, and were as natural as the early American Indians, and now they are completely unnatural.

    Modern Christianity states explicitly that you can sin for 167 hours a week, as long as you invoke the magic mantra of Jesus for one hour a week, put money in the collection plate, let the Priest/Minister ogle your spouse and children, and of course worship the self chosen vampires (scv) as your Earthly deities, your soul will be saved. Instead of embracing other religions, whitey needs to get rid of the slave philosophy of modern Christianity and just go back to their pantheist roots. Only the complete obliteration of Christianity, and its evil root (the scv), will bring about true salvation to the Western world.

    Posted by jim | March 13, 2013, 9:24 am
    • After the release of “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006, Al Gore began publicly citing APOCALYPSE 11:18–”The time has destroy those destroying the Earth.” Isaiah foretells that on the Day of the Lord, the Warriors of Shambhala will descend from the heavens “to exterminate the wicked.” Some believe the Hopi call the purifiers “the Warriors of the Rainbow.” Led Zeppelin referred to them as the Angels of Avalon; they aslo recorded a very interesting song about Kashmir (Yeshua spent time there on His way to Hemis Gompa near Leh, capital of Ladakh). Tibetans, of course, are very familiar with this legend; H.H. the Dalai Lama might even say that Yeshua was an incarnation of Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara), the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Prince of Peace. Christ did warn, however, that when He returns with his blazing angels from over the rainbow, He comes as a Lion, not a Lamb. To the wicked of all places and religions, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Wrathful Buddha activity, in Tibetan Buddhist terms.

      Posted by sonofsog | March 13, 2013, 1:43 pm
  5. Every person you meet is an unmet version of yourself.

    Posted by Ghana Serapis | March 13, 2013, 12:34 pm
  6. “When we feel good about who we are we do good things.”
    We must do good things even if we don’t feel good about who we are; even if we feel profoundly ineffectual. That’s trickier.
    Thank you for an excellent article.

    Posted by Greg | March 13, 2013, 2:18 pm
  7. Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu the Preserver, revealed Himself to Arjuna to teach him a lesson he needed to learn, defend what must be protected: “Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds.” Yeshua spoke a complementary warning: “Fear not him who, after he has killed the body, has nothing more that he can do. But I will tell you whom to fear. Fear Him, who after he has killed, has power to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear Him.” Tibetans attribute this power to Rigden Dorje Nonpo, the coming 25th King of Shambhala, the Purifier whom Tibetans consider the second coming of Gesar, the Once and Future King, Arthur of Central Asian legend. Hindus consider him to be Kalki, the 10th and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Coming to our neighborhoods very soon, looks like..

    Posted by sonofsog | March 13, 2013, 5:22 pm
  8. I came across this piece “by accident” and am so glad that I did. Great writing…it was like taking a 3-week spiritual vacation in 5 minutes. Condensed joy! Thank you, Dean.

    A fellow pilgrim in the middle of NYC :)

    Posted by Ganesh New York | March 13, 2013, 6:08 pm
  9. Before proceeding, here are a few facts denied to the mentalist-projectionist, those whose whole existence predicates upon thoughts/mesmerism/religiosity and when it comes to thoughts, they are avialable in only 2 flavours, The Past/Subjectivity or The Future/Objectivity-Projectivity, there being no/zero thought within The Present other than The Realisation, The Knowledge which was there before the advent of Humans, The Present being the unrepeatable denied to the repetitive Tentacle of The Bookie, Quackery & Handler, whose mantra is Repeat Prescription.

    1) Tibet is not a problem of Chinese Hegemony but one of History and Boundary. Since neither “The Tibetans”, oka The Dalai Lama or Lama Feudalism, nor The Chinese are willing to mediate realistically on these 2 topics, the antagonism will continue. How colonialistic because although material conlonialism might have seemingly vanished [but don't tell the Malians, The Palestianians and a whole host of Zer Liberated, hokay?], its loss was merely re-emphasised to emotional and intellectual colonialisms;

    2) The Dalai Lama is not who he seemed to be if only because his “vibrations”, or “absolute registration”, is hot [as hell], but should one be unable to realise what “vibrations” are other than the vacillation between one’s Religion & Religiosity or sump’fing kwel to throw around during genitalia-comparison kompetitions, the mentalising/worship, which is latently saviourship [or "leading"], continues;

    3) Tibetan Lama-ism gifted Hitler’s “Om Namaste” henchmen The Swastika, oka The Movement of The Carbon tetrahedron/3-sided pyramid, which is The Holy Symbol of Innocence, Innocence being the Expression/Experiencing/Tao/Flow of Wisdom. Regardless of the fact that most of “Buddhist & Buddhism” are displaying The Swastika the incorrect way around [which matters because it then means Innocence & Wisdom is not on-display/"requested", the typical "Buddhism" way is seeing the Swastika from behind the back and should therefore not be displayed at the front], Zer Third Reich got it the correct way around which then means that Innocence & Wisdom is being challenged by Nazism. In addition, holy of holies, Zer Chosen Vuns, the pet Tentacle of The Bookie, managed to ban The Swastika in The West but facilitated Nazism to flourish. Can’t be? Just ask your dearest and furthest “Israeli” friend as the plunder continues which extends to Zer Guilty Reich as the latter tries to re-formulate their past formulation via The EU and such niceties as Benz und Bavaria. One really does not need to make any of this up because The Jester’s Play is in full swing as The Rider awaits His Mount to be completed before “setting off” – perhaps within 3 generations;

    4) Herr Dalai Lama und Zer CIA invaded North India and nary a word came from The Indians because they were-are enslaved/colonised by the superficial honour thrust upon their past colonised crown, that of being “The Biggest Democracy in Zer World”, whilst not forgetting that “Democracy” is merely the opportunity for expressing one’s Morality/Maturity/Authority for the benefit of ALL [and not merely for some] and is not the opportunity for abandonment, oka having the freedom to be Frivolous & Nonsensical.

    Realise, because mere knowledge is insufficient, what Gandhi had translated from The Ancient means when he said that, “We must be[come] the change we seek”. Change means Empowerment and not Knowledge if only because The Knowledge which lacks realisation/attainment is merely a religion, Religion & Religiosity being the mesmeric Tentacle of The Bookie, The Bookie being the ONLY One who profits from Disagreement, oka The Stone Dead – He who is without Conscience.

    Do not play Zer Sympathetico’s Game which is to use real Tibetan victims [of Lama Feudalism] to atone for the sins of their feudalistic masters, Lamas & Lama-ism. One good thing The Chinese did was to rid the feudalistic cockroaches that is Lama-ism from Tibet – not that The Chinese did that out of the kindness of their heart, of course, other than to directly respond to Zer CIA und Zer Velly Hot Vun but hey, if it removed the cockroaches, it is still a job well done, correctament? Realise too that Reality is Self/Empowerment/The-Kinetic/Selflessness whereas Others’ Reality is merely one’s Relativity/Knowledge/Potential/Selfishness. And should one [finally] realises what Gandhi said, then “There is no Other”, or what Shri Krishna juxtaposed – because one had then realised Self/Selflessness/ Unconditionality.

    Without being able to realise/discern/discriminate absolutely, one is still the blind-blinded and when it comes to Gambling, being The Statistic is all there is and where being Correct is merely the latency of being Incorrect. Every human is dual-natured with the true duty of every human being to realise singularity of nature, oka Of Divinity. Should The Divine exists, and He does, interfaced to Humanity as Him & Her, then everything else lacks relevancy. Including Malevolency, Good, Bad and The Ugly. Afterall, Truth is about Truth and little else. Do not promote R&R because its aim is to memserise and to promote mesmerism. This is because Reality/Divinity empowers through Sharing & Unity whereas Relativity/Humanity empowers through Exclusivity & Division. Without gaining absolute vision, there can be no real choice but once The Real Choice is available, one must then choose because by then, not choosing is the same as choosing “Against”, there being no such a thing as Shades of Grey when it comes to White/Light or Black/Darkness, the latter being a myth because Darkness is merely when Light is absent, the reverse being an illusion-delusion. As such, when one has overcome self[-destruction] to realise Self, one is then gifted the ability to discriminate absolutely because without this essential reality, nothing else is real. In corollary, those who never mentions this empowerment/gift will indicate that they are not self-realised. Afterall, should one be of-sight, not mentioning sight has only one meaning.

    When realisation of Knowledge is impossible, a human will next try to own the knowledge, oka becoming religious[ly fanatical] or Of Ownership Issue. As such, how does “The Dalai Lama” registers? On the face of another gamble, oka Over vs Under, he’s a velly nice and kind chap who looks soo humble and gushes out the obvious like, “We are Brothers & Sisters”, “The Sun Shines” and “The Sky is Blue”. Yes, bro [and sis], like “Wow”, whereas Reality cuts through the chase and merely registers and keep the message for one’s Self/Immunity. Afterall, Reality is when you are Unconditional, just like The Divine for The Divine, being Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient, knows all about humans and our dual nature and yet we are offered opportunity upon opportunity to damage Nature OR CHANGE – unlike those numpty proxies of Taxation & Credit with their “Carbon Emissions” and “Global Warming” who Expect & Demand that we further fatten the Coffery such that Control-Abandonment has another avenue to collect – so long as The Saviours proactively get to augment their Vested Interest, of course.

    Realise too that the un-self realised human can only develop his brain, oka The Width or Brain Development [BD], whereas by being gifted the 6th and higher senses whereby Spirituality becomes real and the senses made absolute and not of malleability, where reality becomes Of Empowerment and not Of Knowledge, The Depth develops, oka Heart Development [HD]. The problem then is that BD lacks Conscience. This is because BD scales from The Past towards The Future but ALWAYS missing out on The Present whereas HD overcomes Gravity to ascend along The Present. BD will merely turn a human into a robot, the one lacking Conscience, oka Devolution, and when a human devolves, he will not revert to some animal or vegetative state other than becoming either a fully thinking human animal or a fully feeling human vegetation.

    And speaking of “Krishnamurti”, what were his “vibes” like? Religious or not, they were mostly Of Knowledge and not Of Empowerment. Only by being empowered with the 6th [and higher] sense[s] of absoluteness will a human be able to change. Before that moment, a change is only one of Religion & Religiosity, oka Of Transience/Vacillation and little else. Just like a person who’d escaped from a deser and who won’t be so lucky the next time, being Blind-Blinded is about gambling/knowledging whereas real choice is about sight/empowerment, The Knowledge that had existed before the advent of humans having been there before, now and after. Afterall, what good will knowing that politicians and similar vacancies are barefaced lying, beggar-thieves serve? Taking away one will merely lead to 2 filling that position. As such, Divinity is about Divinity and nothing else. It then remains for the human to be a part of His realm, The Singularity of Nature or not. Unlike zillionaires and similar accumulators, Unconditionality would like to share with you what He has but you’d have to relinquished your dual nature in order to realise that reality. Surely it cannot get simpler than that except that hormones like Adrenaline and Acetylecholine are coursing through one’s blood like clockwork. Will knowledge be able to suppress them? Quackery & Handler, a relic of The Knowledge Network, say so but yous gottas repeat their prescription. Forevah and evah. Amen. That’ll be 30 bucks then whilst not forgetting that all that is Truth is not only applied to ALL, truths like oxygen, heartbeat, consumption and elimination, Truth happens to be free too. To see, all one needs to do is to express the empowerment but to be blinded, one not only needs to Read The Manual, one needs to imbibe that manual too. Much like Coaches & Coaching of This, That and The Other do, 25/8, except that their fees are always waaay beyond 30 bucks. Should the fee be 3000 bucks, that’s OK because one merely needs to rob Peter to Pay Paul but when the fee is religiosity, oka infinitely taxing, it is actually Devolution marking-pricing the aspirant for “When”. EVERY one of those Coaches & Coaching Frivolity & Nonsense because all they are selling is how to damage yourself before damaging the other and calling that some toothfairy knowledge from heaven. Knowledge, the attempt at buying one’s way into heaven – not when The Divine has zero understanding or association with count de Money. And lest anyone forgets, how tranquil they now look having bought the Knowledge otherwise, you won’t be sleeping well for the rest of your life. The Minds being the relativism between one’s past and the future, reading/knowledging will merely bin one’s minds into an circuitous bind which leads to nowhere real other than round-and-around and this is how T2 Diabetes develops.

    In order that one may arrive at The Destination which is Of Infinity, one needs to be a consummate actor in The Play of The Divine oka The Return Journey of Dust to The Source. To become a consummate actor, however, one needs to be unconditional, a bad actor being the one who is conditoned-conditional. Here the longwinded agony stops. Perhaps it is enough to at least encourage those who are Pure within Desire to introspect as to how The Whole is infrastructured whereby through serendipity, the gift will be realised whereas those who are merely Desirous of Purity had perhaps stop reading anything which lacks empowerment other than towards Religion & Religiosity and begin on the journey to being unconditional.

    Posted by cloudysw | March 13, 2013, 6:49 pm
    • Or, as Rod Serling put it somewhat more succinctly: “There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to Man. It is a dimension as vast as space, and as timeless as infinity. It is the middleground between light and shadow, between science and superstition; and it lies between the pit of Man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge.This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call…the Twilight Zone.”

      Posted by sonofsog | March 13, 2013, 9:30 pm
  10. the Dalai Lama has a life-long CIA affiliation which is visible at his compound in Dharamsala. there are also tens of thousands of Israelis in dsharamsala. I had them follow me around Dharamkot and there is a vcisible mossad presence. there are many spiritual places in india but Dharamsala and the dalai lama are fakes.

    Posted by sg | March 13, 2013, 10:58 pm

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