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Live Interview on Press TV: 5-31-13

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2 thoughts on “Live Interview on Press TV: 5-31-13

  1. I’d say the cause of it is the ever-growing legal criminality of wall street gangs and money-junkies like Goldman Sachs teaming up with EDMC and Sallie Mae for a trifecta of guaranteed loans and derivitives. They’ve set up a system where they will profit no matter if the student succeeds (in spite of the halliburtonesque education given) or defaults on the loan. Since the loans are guaranteed and the students are forced to pay back the loan throughout their lifetime, they give them sub-standard educations that cost as much as harvard and yale, and do not even measure up to a free video on youtube. I myself was suckered into attending an EDMC college, the Art Institute. And because of the mafiaesque fines, fees, and charges I now owe 300 hundred thousand dollars and growing student loan. I was promised an education that would teach me how to create 3d graphics and animation to work in the entertainment industry, and what I got were assignments based off of tutorials from books off the shelf of your local bookstore and links to free tutorial sites like 3d total. There weren’t even any kind of hands on/visual kind of mentoring. Would you trust a surgeon who learned only from reading and critique from other students? Of course not. And yet this is what students who enter the Art Institute are given after signing the dotted line.

    For-Profit schools are a con game looking for easy marks like veterans, minorities, and people who wanted to become better at their craft and dash their dreams via crushing debt and ruined lives. Some have already committed suicide because of this new debt crisis where the fat-cats always win, and the taxpayer is guaranteed to lose. They will obviously make the students the ‘bad guy’ in this, but it is my hope we nip this in the bud and do not give these conmen what they want. Say no to Goldman Sachs.

    Posted by Steve Macintyre | June 4, 2013, 2:48 pm
  2. I wonder how much of the student loans debt in America is attached to fictitious characters ?
    The education facility & the government body that facilitates these loans, coupling up so as to commit fraud.
    I would imagine that you could attribute a very sizable amount of the student loans debt to this kind of entrepreneurship.

    In Victoria, Australia the now government is decreasing education spending.
    $1.2 BILLION is to be pulled out of the TAFE sector, which we believe will be channeled into the “dodgy” employment agencies, owned by the elite. Who provide no jobs & no training & are totally subsidized by the government.
    (In Australia it is called a big drink for the mates on the tax payer)
    The mindset behind the decreasing of education funding seems to be – there are no job, why waste monies to educate.
    If a job should arise we will train you up then.
    I don’t know what that will do for brain surgery ?
    Then of course, in receiving the unemployment benefits one will be required to participate in a mutual obligation scheme – work for the dole or volunteer work.
    The next step will be to implement a work for rations of Bread & Water scheme, they just don’t have the courage yet.
    You see the massive unemployment the workers of the world are experiencing are as a direct mismanagement by the political arenas of the nations, of this world & their love of pleasing the elite.

    Posted by R Davis | June 15, 2013, 11:41 am

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