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Illuminati Gun Grab & the Superpower Complex

B42 Wood collectors in rubber groveToday the Obama Administration announced a series of gun control measures in response to the Sandy Hook school massacre. The proposals – the creepiest of which requires background checks on even private gun sales – come on the heels of weeks of patronizing lemming-like hand-wringing by the MSNBC establishment liberal arm of the Illuminati programming machine.

The December 14, 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT which left 26 dead bore all the hallmarks of a Satanic Illuminati horror-fest designed as a pretext for accomplishing the Eight Families’ longtime goal of disarming pesky American revolutionaries in preparation of the imposition of world government by lizard bloodline.

It was a Merry Christmas card from the same Zionist filth that killed Jesus. Continue reading

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