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The Energy Vampires

Four Horsemen - copyright Jill HendersonThe global elite know that energy is paramount to life. Control over energy means control over people. Four giant companies are now making a play to own not just all the oil, but virtually all energy sources on the planet.  In my book Big Oil & Their Bankers…, I dub them the Four Horsemen.  They are Royal Dutch/Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco & BP Amoco. Continue reading

History of British Petroleum: Part III: Free Lunch for Big Oil

1997 - 3-2 - Costa Rica - San Jose - Just short of paradiseOn that now infamous day of April 20, 2010, BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig was flying the flag of the Marshall Islands in our Gulf of Mexico, so that the rig’s owner Transocean could dodge its US tax bill.

Already in 1999 the company had moved its headquarters from Houston to the Cayman Islands to ditch the tax man.  In 2008 Transocean, having merged with Global Sante Fe, settled into Zug, Switzerland.  While the company now employs 1,300 people in Houston and only a dozen in Zug, the tax haven moves have saved the company some $1.8 billion since 1999. Continue reading

History of British Petroleum: Part II

000009In 1928 Sir John Cadman of BP held a little meeting at his Achnacarry, Scotland castle.  In attendance were Sir Henry Deterding of Royal Dutch/Shell, later an avid supporter of Adolf Hitler; Walter Teagle of Exxon, who later shipped chemicals to the Nazis; and William Mellon of Gulf Oil, which is now part of the ChevronTexaco abomination. Continue reading

History of British Petroleum: Part I

0000 08(Part one of a three-part series excerpted from Chapter 1: David Rockefeller & the Shah of Iran: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

In 1872 British Baron Julius du Reuter was granted an exclusive 50-year mining and communications concession in Persia by that country’s Peacock Throne monarchy.  By 1921 the British government had installed Shah Mohammed Reza Khan in a palace coup.  With their puppet in place, du Reuter’s firm, one of the British Empire’s most important tentacles, busied itself exploiting the rich oil reserves of Iran. Continue reading

The Real Human Beings

Around the World Trip 2009 278When I crossed the border from Botswana into Zimbabwe in 2009 I had travelled to 50 countries.  The entire 30-year odyssey is chronicled in my book The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries.  I feel fortunate to have been able to see so much of this beautiful planet, but I guess I sorta’ planned it that way.

Ever since that first trip to Europe as trombone player in my high school jazz band, I was bound and determined that I would always have a cash reserve to pay for that next plane ticket and that I would never let a job get it the way of traveling. As such, any kind of “career” was out of the question. The act of travel was just too important. Continue reading

9-27-13 Interview with Jeff Rense






Listen Here:

Easter Sunday Interview on Press TV

CEOs of oil companies ‘should be prosecuted’

Press TV interview image

Listen to the interview here:












Continue reading

Global Underdevelopment: Montana and the Third World

 000059The International Capitalist Economy

Development decisions, whether made by public administrators in Montana or in the Third World are presently made within the parameters allowed for by the international capitalist economy.  The structure of this economy allows for absentee land owners, transnational processors and their creditors to exploit resources and labor on a global scale.  Local people who produce actual wealth with their labor are forced into price competition with workers half way around the globe and are left in poverty by those who control the means of production, processing and marketing of the goods they produce.

Continue reading

Poverty and Deforestation: Consequences of Export-led Development: A Philippines Case Study

1989 Phillipines (16) Poverty is the biggest drain on our natural resources.  You cannot separate sustainable development from social equity – Maximo Kalaw, President of the Haribon foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources in the Philippines

Intertwined with the social crisis is a crisis that has emerged directly from man’s exploitation of the planet – Murray Bookchin, The Concept of Social Ecology

The Philippines ranks 14th in terms of world food production, with just a fraction of the global population living on its soils.  Yet, according to conservative World Bank statistics, 75% of its children are malnourished and 65% of all Filipinos live below the poverty line, 30 million of whom live in “absolute poverty”, not even able to satisfy basic needs. Continue reading

Fascist Sellouts

2010 7-27 Missoula, MTFive weeks before the welcome end of the worst American Presidency in the history of the republic, el jeffe Bush did his best to go down as the Herbert Hoover of the new century, announcing with glee his traitorous plan to allow an “orderly bankruptcy” of the Big 3 American auto manufacturers - companies which formed the backbone of American industry since the early 1900′s.

Simultaneous to this Crown-inspired treason, Southern Senate Republicans - well-paid by the foreign auto-makers who have flocked to their retrograde states to avoid paying union wages - concurred.  These are the very same people who parade around Washington playing “super patriot” when it comes to bombing civilian populations and feeding the military-industrial complex.  But a ribbon on the bumper of your SUV doesn’t do shit for our misplaced troops, one of whom is my best friend whose convoy was attacked near Ramadi two years ago. Continue reading

Deconstructing the War on Terror

Around the World Trip 2009 108The success of the Obama Administration in bringing about meaningful change to America hinges on a total rebuke of the phony but much touted War on Terror, along with the entire Homeland Security gestapo that came along with it.  The War on Terror was concocted by the Bush Mafia to justify the oil occupation of Iraq, the gas pipeline occupation of Afghanistan, and the shredding of our Constitution.

Unless one is willing to debunk the War on Terror there can be no exit from the fear-based reactionary politics that have decimated our Bill of Rights, bankrupted our Treasury through the buildup of Homeland Security apparatus, and pulled us into anti-democratic occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Continue reading

New Deal for Illuminati Banksters

2002 - 6 - Eleven Point RiverWith economic indicators heading south again, President Obama should be thinking big and using his momentum to “flood the zone” during his State of the Union address tonight.  He should outline a New Deal-type stimulus package that will help the US economy out of the doldrums and he should get tough on the banksters that put us here.

The real issue underlying the 2008 economic collapse has yet to be dealt with.  Until banks began acting like banks and lend money again, instead of gambling QE1-3 at the commodities bubble casino, the economy will be unable to count on the private sector to pull it out of its downward spiral.  We need a massive New Deal to both provide work for people and to modernize out ailing infrastructure. Continue reading

Dump Israel

Around the World Trip 2009 437The most important change that the Obama administration can make is in our relationship with Israel and its Arab neighbors.  I am guardedly optimistic that the Chuck Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense foreshadows such a change.

For far too long Israel has dictated US foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere.  This is because, as I outline in my book Big Oil & Their Bankers…, Israel is not so much a “Jewish homeland” as it is a creation of the Rothschild central banking monopoly which controls our Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, Royal Dutch Shell and scores of other financial and industrial behemoths. Continue reading

FCC Should Revoke Licenses of FOX & CNN

00001 7One of the great things about traveling overseas is that you don’t tend to watch much television.  Fine by me.  I think if every American tossed their tube there would be a revolution inside of a week.  It has long been the primary tool of the global elite in the brainwashing of the masses.

When we do have a room with a TV while travelling we are always struck by the varying quality of the international news channels.  In Thailand we got Le Monde out of France, the British BBC, DW from Germany, China’s CCTV, Al Jazeera from Qatar, NHK out of Japan, as well as news channels from South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia and the US. Continue reading

Economic Bubbles About to Burst

1989 Phillipines (23)Insider stock selling by billionaires – including Warren Buffett and John Paulsen – this week indicate something big is about to happen, something that may make the 2008 credit crisis seem rather benign.  Last week the governments of Russia and Germany called in their gold being “held” by the New York Federal Reserve.

A couple of years ago the IMF announced that it would begin liquidating its gold holdings- the world’s 3rd largest stash after the US and Germany.  Buyers included the governments of India, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.  Do you think the IMF would be selling gold at a market bottom?  Bubble #1 about to burst – Gold. Continue reading

Hypocrites, Freeloaders & Traitors

bolloA few years after witnessing loud fat illiterate Republican after-birthers making fools of themselves at town hall meetings where they decried “Obamacare”, I fully support a potato chip tax to pay for the deportation of all rapture-bound Evangelicals who wish to expatriate permanently to mother Israel for the big show.

The low point in the talk radio-driven mental mush came in New Jersey when a woman in a wheel chair was berated by a goon squad of 8th-grade educated repeaters who had probably all just come from their all-too-regular doctor’s visits billed to Medicare.  I’ve traveled to 50 countries and can safely say that was the worst behavior I’ve ever seen.  It was not even human.  The other people in that room should have gotten up and kicked some ass on those scumbags.  It’s the only thing a bully understands. Continue reading

Big Rigs Of The Illuminati

2010 6-30 Missoula, MT (2)In 2010 as BP was beating a hasty retreat from its Gulf cleanup efforts, Exxon Mobil was busy dodging Montana opponents of its scheme to haul hugely-oversized South Korean-made equipment over the very twisty Lolo Pass.  Officials from Exxon Mobil’s Canadian subsidiary Imperial Oil, aware of a loud and growing opposition, failed to show up at a Lolo City Council meeting.

The rigs were bound for oil tar sands mines in northern Alberta, where Peace River tribes are already being poisoned by this most environmentally destructive oil extraction process.  Montana - ever a resource colony of the Eastern Establishment - was offered $86 million in highway funds by Imperial.  That wouldn’t even have covered the cost of the asphalt needed to fix the roads on the heels of these passing monstrosities - asphalt which I assume would be purchased from another Exxon Mobil subsidiary if history is any sort of guide. Continue reading

Illuminati Terror Alerts Fall On Deaf Ears

1989 Phillipines (12)Last year’s terror alerts in Europe must be seen through the prism of a series of recent challenges to international banker hegemony.  First, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad infuriated the Establishment when he stated before the United Nations that 911 was an inside job.  The night before, he had embarrassed CNN talk show host Larry King, who predictably attempted to portray Ahmadinejad as a crazy.  The Iranian leader turned the tables on the staunch Zionist King, wondering out loud why he seemed more concerned about Israel’s national security than he was about American interests.

Ever since White House environmental advisor Van Jones was forced to resign in September 2009 over comments he made regarding his suspicions of the 911 “official story”, 911 Truth activists have been targeted, intimidated and harassed.  Now with the whole world watching, the ugly 911 truth genie was back out of the bottle.  There was even word that a US military intelligence group had joined the 911 Truth quest. Continue reading

Republican Poodles Have A Hoover Moment

0000 - Clarence Henderson and his team Bill and DanWith his K Street bosses heading for their collective put option exits this past week, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-IN) found it in him to put down the whiskey bottle just long enough to summon his House legions back to Washington at 6:30 PM tomorrow night – just 30 hours before we are told we will careen over the dreaded fiscal cliff.  Clutch move Boehner.  Just don’t start crying.

Lame Democratic tendencies aside, any poor sap still duped by or enamored with the increasingly irrelevant political dinosaur known as the Republican Party couldn’t have helped notice the Grand Old Party’s solid allegiance to the International Banking Cartel.  Yet they probably did miss this rerun.  Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

Hail to the thieves.  Lick more billionaire boots Whigs.  Yes sir! Continue reading

The Illuminati Fear Program

The global elite have, over the centuries, refined the techniques they employ to assure continued dominion over the resources of the planet.  In the early days they simply crucified certain rebellious citizens, whilst sprinkling in the occasional peasant massacre to ensure a climate of fear and to thwart any challenge to their hegemony.

When this overtly bloody strategy provoked revolution in such disparate locales as France, America and Russia; and later Cuba, the Congo and Vietnam, the bloodline oligarchs shifted to a strategy of covert assassination and counter-revolutionary intrigues.  But brutality is brutality, however subtle and disguised it may be.

So when this strategy failed to stem the tide of history, while provoking a democratic and thus subversive reaction amongst the populace, the international banking syndicate and its coterie of idle rich turned to psychological warfare.  They learned that it is much easier to control a population through brainwashing than it is to mow down a more cognizant citizenry in the streets and risk backlash.  The key, they learned, was to keep people docile, fearful and ignorant. Continue reading

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