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Big Rigs Of The Illuminati

2010 6-30 Missoula, MT (2)In 2010 as BP was beating a hasty retreat from its Gulf cleanup efforts, Exxon Mobil was busy dodging Montana opponents of its scheme to haul hugely-oversized South Korean-made equipment over the very twisty Lolo Pass.  Officials from Exxon Mobil’s Canadian subsidiary Imperial Oil, aware of a loud and growing opposition, failed to show up at a Lolo City Council meeting.

The rigs were bound for oil tar sands mines in northern Alberta, where Peace River tribes are already being poisoned by this most environmentally destructive oil extraction process.  Montana - ever a resource colony of the Eastern Establishment - was offered $86 million in highway funds by Imperial.  That wouldn’t even have covered the cost of the asphalt needed to fix the roads on the heels of these passing monstrosities - asphalt which I assume would be purchased from another Exxon Mobil subsidiary if history is any sort of guide. Continue reading

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