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Cargill, Kissinger & the Arming of Saddam Hussein

Left Hook(Excerpted from Chapter 14: Saddam’s Banker In Atlanta: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

The US and their Western allies weren’t concerned with dual use items being shipped to Iraq during the 1980’s.  From 1985-1990, 771 licenses for dual-use exports from the US to Iraq were approved, as US defense contractors, not content with the Ayatollah’s money, armed Iraq, while the CIA passed intelligence to Saddam.  When Hussein gassed the Mossad-backed PUK Kurds in 1987, President Reagan opposed sanctioning Iraq.  Instead, Mossad agent Gerald Bull and his Space Research Corporation helped the Iraqis develop three “super guns” code-named Babylon.

Space Research was controlled by the Canadian Bronfman family, the Pure Drug Company “whiskey men” whose Eagle Star Insurance interlocks with Silver Triangle Canadian banks.  The Bronfmans married into the Rothschild family and launched the careers of Detroit mob boss/United Brands insider Max Fischer and the Buffalo Jacobs mob, which conveniently owns concessions on Gulf of Mexico oil drilling platforms. Montreal police have identified Mitchell Bronfman as a kingpin of organized crime. [1] Continue reading

The Media Monopoly

A couple years ago the corporate media cartel was fixated on divisive tales of misplaced mosques and Glenn Beck kindergarten revival gatherings- this one in the “tens of thousands”.  That meant 90,000 illiterates max. or as few as 20,000 of these frightened homophobic morons.  Much of what little exists of progressive media chose to air their own endless dronings of the 8% of Americans who were gullible enough to fall for the laughable Mr. Beck and his corporate funded Tea Party schtick. Continue reading

The Missoula Paper- Issue 10

The Missoula Paper Issue 10 June 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 9

The Missoula Paper Issue 9 Apr-May 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 8

The Missoula Paper Issue 8 April 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 7

The Missoula Paper Issue 7 April 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 6

The Missoula Paper Issue 6 Mar-Apr 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 5

The Missoula Paper Issue 5 March 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 4

The Missoula Paper Issue 4 Feb-Mar 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 3

The Missoula Paper Issue 3 February 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 2

The Missoula Paper Issue 2 Jan 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 1

The Missoula Paper Issue 1 Jan 1991

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