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Mali, Hagel & the Rothschilds

Around the World Trip 2009 320Yesterday, as if to send a message to the US Senate Armed Services Committee, Israel bombed a convoy on the Syria/Lebanon border. It seems to have worked. This morning, chicken hawks on that committee with names like McCain and Inhofe are busy grilling Obama Defense Secretary Nominee Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) as to his unflagging allegiance to mother Israel and the military-industrial complex alike.

Meanwhile, the Rothschild-led City of London Illuminati banksters who run the dog and pony show otherwise known as Israel, seek to grab more global resources – this time in the north African country of Mali.

On February Tuareg rebels based in northern Mali, with help from al Qaeda remnants trained and armed by Rothschild intelligence agencies MI6 and Mossad to overthrow the neighboring Qaddafi government in Libya, attacked government troops in the Algerian border town of Tinzaouaten. Continue reading

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