Debt Ceiling Debate

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Shut Er’ Down!

With the fabricated “fiscal cliff” rapidly approaching, Republicans in Congress – sworn to Grover Norquist and his Illuminati bankster handlers alike - are still playing games.  These boot lickers can’t stand the thought of the elite paying their fair share of taxes, despite the fact that these idle rich have fed at the public trough since its inception.

The Republican solution will again be a bill targeting the poor and middle class for yet more austerity measures - the sole purpose of the “fiscal cliff” puppet show.   Should Democrats stick to their current and most welcome fighting mood, sequestration will occur and the government will shut down.   OK by me.

Americans have no one to blame but themselves for this fiasco. While the idiocracy this country is fast becoming piles the blame on Congress, they seem to forget that it was they who voted for this current batch of ignorant banker shills whose IMF-sanctioned mission is to destroy every vestige of government for the people and replace it will with rule by oligarchy. Continue reading

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