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Get Back to the Garden

(Excerpted from my newly released book, Stickin’ it to the Matrix: Chapter 10)

Urbanization could well be the most dangerous trend on the planet. Cities are designed by the matrix, for the matrix and of the matrix.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited different countries and witnessed the misery and plight of the urban poor in sharp contrast to the lives of happiness and relative ease I’ve seen among the rural poor in those same developing nations.

It’s the same here in the Ozarks.

Country folk here were decades ago disparagingly labeled “hillbillies” by the East Coast matrix press, mostly because they lived lives of incredible freedom and wore their stubborn independence from and defiance towards the system as a badge of honor.

The great thing about the Ozarks, which in my view sets it apart from any other place I’ve lived, is that this rebel mentality is still alive and kicking in a palpable way. Continue reading

Hammering Away at the Matrix

2001 - 9 - Peace Valley - Dean in the garden(Excerpted from Chapter 8: The Grubstake: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

The goal of all of the above is to first get out of debt and then to start saving money, for this is the grubstake you will need to get free from the urbanized prison you live in which is a wholly-owned cash cow for the matrix.

Remember that little things add up. And lots of little things can add up surprisingly fast. If at any point along the way while saving that grubstake, you still have debt, pay it off immediately. Then stay out of debt for the rest of your life.

At some point you will cease to give a shit about your all-important “credit rating” – one of the central Illuminati fear tools to keeping its slaves in line. This disgusting financial parasite branch of the matrix is lorded over by three spooky private companies cozy with the national security apparatus, who keep a healthy dossier on every American. Continue reading

Back to the Country: Part II

2008-5 (8)(Excerpted from Chapter 15: Back to the Land: The Grateful Unrich…)

In April I buy a culvert and hire a backhoe to put in another driveway off the highway. We buy a metal frame building kit from our crazy neighbor Fred and put it up near the road.

We drive to Tahlequah, Oklahoma where Jill drops me off. I have $1,000 in my pocket, most of what we have to our name. I hitch a ride with a trucker all the way to the Mexican border, then catch consecutive buses all the way to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I spend $400 on Guatemalan textiles, spend one night in a hotel, and head back north via Palenque, Mexico where I spend another $400 on Yucatan hammocks. Without sleeping I catch the next bus for the US border. Continue reading

Back to the Country

1993-3 - Gafield, AR - The old white rooster(Excerpted from Chapter 15: Back to the Land: The Grateful Unrich…)

A man is rich in accordance to the number of things he can leave alone – Henry David Thoreau

The 69’ Reliant runs like a top all the way to a cheap Indian-run hotel in Hays, Kansas.  Through a canopy of frozen fog we enter the ghostly Ozarks.  We careen down ribbons of twisting highways in search of land.  We sleep one night in the cramped car behind a repair shop.  On Day #2 we sign a contract for deed on ten acres and an old mobile home fronting Highway 62 between Gateway and Eureka Springs in the northwest corner of Arkansas.

The asking price is $29,900. We offer $20,000 with $10,000 down and the balance payable monthly over five years.  They accept – fully expecting with one glance at our old car full of everything we own in this world that we will never be able to pay off the remainder and they will get the property back, along with our ten grand.  We later have a feeling that happened to some before us on this piece of land. Continue reading

How to Starve the Illuminati Beast

2012 8-6 On the Farm (9) Pigs(Excerpted from Chapter 6: Mercenary Shopping: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

Shopping for frivolous and unnecessary items consumes way too much of most people’s time and budget, while chaining the new owner of this junk to a cluttered garage, a storage unit and general sedentary misery.

Still there are certain tools and entertainments we wish to procure and there are many good ways to get them other than at a store.

Again it is all about attitude. You must develop a resistance to shopping. It should be viewed as morally reprehensible. When you need to attain an item, do your research and find out where to get it at the best price, preferably – except, I would argue, in the case of electronics – used. Remember, the system has declared war on your family. Don’t shop much. And fight like a mercenary of the revolutionary army when you must shop. Continue reading

2013 Resolution

2012 9-5 Livestock (3)Happy New Year!  A big thanks to all who have read, subscribed, shared or donated to Left Hook.  Your support, critical thinking abilities and kind words are what keeps me writing each week.

Ten years ago this blog would not have succeeded.  People were living in fear and being devastated by the Eight Families banking monopoly and their corporate arsenal.  As we begin a new epoch, as noted by the Mayans and other indigenous peoples, our opportunities for emancipation will increase.

Many people are escaping suburbia to a life in the country.  We’ve been living like this for the past two decades – half here in the Missouri Ozarks and half in the Western Montana Rockies.  Most weeks we go to town once to get groceries.  Otherwise it’s “Buy Nothing Week” for us year round. Continue reading

Illuminati Dodge Ball

(Excerpted from Chapter 5: Food, Clothing & Bills: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

The system is constantly conjuring up ways to nickel and dime you. Americans have become incredibly naïve, far too trusting of a system which proves over and over on a daily basis that it most definitely cannot be trusted.

Conversely we have become far too cynical of the people, who do heroic things every day. We must reverse this dichotomy. Trust the people, do NOT trust the matrix.

Be generous to friends, family, the people and the natural world, but learn to be stingy in your dealings with the system. This is another one of those dogmas which must be examined. Continue reading

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