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2013 Resolution

2012 9-5 Livestock (3)Happy New Year!  A big thanks to all who have read, subscribed, shared or donated to Left Hook.  Your support, critical thinking abilities and kind words are what keeps me writing each week.

Ten years ago this blog would not have succeeded.  People were living in fear and being devastated by the Eight Families banking monopoly and their corporate arsenal.  As we begin a new epoch, as noted by the Mayans and other indigenous peoples, our opportunities for emancipation will increase.

Many people are escaping suburbia to a life in the country.  We’ve been living like this for the past two decades – half here in the Missouri Ozarks and half in the Western Montana Rockies.  Most weeks we go to town once to get groceries.  Otherwise it’s “Buy Nothing Week” for us year round. Continue reading

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