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Leaving Montana

1996-12 - Clinton, MT - Record snowfall in December - Dean digs(Excerpted from Chapter 19: Cruising Babylon: The Grateful Unrich…)

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows - Bob Dylan

Missoula, MT


It’s been another ho-hum day on the corner. The banker who tried to run us off this public space choked on a turkey bone last Thanksgiving. America’s largest anarchist Saturday street festival has been coralled into a pay-per-space orderly affair, crammed into a single downtown Missoula block. We launched this street theater three years ago and refuse to be herded into sanitized hell. We boycott the sterile, juggler-less, mournful event from our corner outpost at Higgins and Broadway – open to all vendors by virtue of a unanimous decision by the Missoula city council, after the Thanksgiving casualty complained that his bank – bastion of capitalism – had seen enough of the free market out its front door. Continue reading

The Missoula Paper- Issue 10

The Missoula Paper Issue 10 June 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 9

The Missoula Paper Issue 9 Apr-May 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 8

The Missoula Paper Issue 8 April 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 7

The Missoula Paper Issue 7 April 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 6

The Missoula Paper Issue 6 Mar-Apr 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 5

The Missoula Paper Issue 5 March 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 4

The Missoula Paper Issue 4 Feb-Mar 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 3

The Missoula Paper Issue 3 February 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 2

The Missoula Paper Issue 2 Jan 1991

The Missoula Paper- Issue 1

The Missoula Paper Issue 1 Jan 1991

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