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Republican Poodles Have A Hoover Moment

0000 - Clarence Henderson and his team Bill and DanWith his K Street bosses heading for their collective put option exits this past week, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-IN) found it in him to put down the whiskey bottle just long enough to summon his House legions back to Washington at 6:30 PM tomorrow night – just 30 hours before we are told we will careen over the dreaded fiscal cliff.  Clutch move Boehner.  Just don’t start crying.

Lame Democratic tendencies aside, any poor sap still duped by or enamored with the increasingly irrelevant political dinosaur known as the Republican Party couldn’t have helped notice the Grand Old Party’s solid allegiance to the International Banking Cartel.  Yet they probably did miss this rerun.  Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

Hail to the thieves.  Lick more billionaire boots Whigs.  Yes sir! Continue reading

Republican Actors/Illuminati Directors

I’ve seen more than a few bizarre US election campaigns in my life.  In 2004 when Barrack Obama won his Illinois US Senate seat, I won the Democratic primary for Congress across the big muddy river in Missouri’s 8th District.  I lost the general election to Republican Jo Ann Emerson’s Corporate PAC-Money Machine- she raised $1 million to my $17,000.  Refusing to accept corporate money, I never had a chance, but we stirred it up and built a more progressive Democratic Party in the 8th that still exists today.

The main event featured Bush the Draft Dodger vs. Kerry the Vietnam Vet.  The Fox News “yellow ribbon on their minivan” crowd predictably picked the coward.  Their beloved smirker loved to talk tough, so long as other people fought his wars.  He was just like them.  Yellow was a good choice of colors. Continue reading

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